1. If Alexis is more like 5'5" like some sources say: maybe FG. If she's too tall then I guess FN. I don't get Classic vibes at all. She's more like youthful, sweet and fresh.

  2. i agree! her face is a bit too youthful-looking for any sort of D? i’m not seeing dominant or confident. she has soft and sweet features rather than strong ones, the same with Kaya.

  3. “Like 5’9 or 5’10” definitely 5’6

  4. sorry but no way. if he was 5’6 he’d only be to his upper arm because the other guy is 6’11.5 in shoes.

  5. that guy has to be about 6’10 and 6’11.5 in shoes.

  6. a lot of space headlines fearmonger for views and clicks which is irritating.

  7. 5’5 is not short lol, average height for women in a lot of countries is around 5’4. Anyway, to answer your question I’m actually short - 5’2 - and I don’t hate it, though ofc there are disadvantages (not always easy to get clothes that fit, people often treat you as though you’re younger than you are etc)

  8. 5’5 IS the average height for u.s, 5’4 is below average here.

  9. 5'4 is average female height in the U.S. Males are 5'6. You're not short you just aren't as tall as you want to be >->

  10. i agree it was too much and the multiple groups weren’t focused on evenly like wtf was with the archery kids ? maybe they come important in the end but we weren’t taken into their lives like the other kids.

  11. what i didn’t get was just why did they have to merge the archery kids with the main group? why’d they have to kill 2 of the archery kids?? they could’ve kept them alive and separate so we could see how each of them would survive like they did with the others in the show (the streamer & the detective, the pregnant girl, the bullied girl, etc). my problem wasn’t with the archery group, it was just that i didn’t like how they mixed them together with the main group... there was no point of that.

  12. i recommend reading the subtypes than the descriptions, it’s much more accurate.

  13. Some people just don’t find it that deep. It’s a show I have way more important things to think about than a show.

  14. you can’t. your IS/IV never changes, that’s what you are born with and who you will be for the rest of your life, it’s the same with everything else [MBTI, Enneagram, Tritype, Sociotype, Attitudinal Psyche, and Temperament] the only thing you could really change is big 5 and really only just your organization/extraversion (EX: instead of being a RLUEI you could turn to a SLOEI). you could of course develop/get healthier but not change your personality type or functions.

  15. you’re a obvious ENTJ. that demand sounded too te-ni to me.

  16. imo its a bit boring. but i only watched two eps from season 2. it´s too edgy and dark for my liking. i feel like i´m over this dark emo phase of my own so problematic teens arent that appealing to me anymore. one episode to me felt very boring, like there was no substance at all, just visuals. idc about rue at all. she wants to be a drug addict and its been made clear, so why should i care?

  17. yeah i feel like the storyline is too repetitive and boring. i don’t care about the protagonist (her only personality traits is just having an outburst every 10 seconds or standing in the corner looking edgy), i don’t care about the other characters either (overly obnoxious and kinda dull), don’t like how it inaccurately represents teens (not surprised because what teen show doesn’t do this?) and i hate how it tries hard to be eerie and mysterious. the acting is good but the characters are unbearable and boring.

  18. Wrong. Stuff like this could easily get someone imprisoned and if the school’s not helping you, the authorities will.

  19. The school didn’t help you so now it’s your time to deal with it yourself. Start filing a police report and getting a lawyer.

  20. yeah going to the principal is a waste of time.. they’ll claim they’re on it but aren’t, go to the superintendent instead.

  21. sounds boring.. should’ve just left the franchise die at scream 4 because now this is starting to sound like fan service which i won’t be looking forward to. none of the new characters/actors really could act (except only jenna ortega in the beginning) but other than that the others all seem like a bunch of newbies in acting, cringe dialogue, horrid unrealistic facial expressions, writers trying/failing to be “hip” which wasn’t working for me, bad cinematography, and the ghostface reveal was so obvious.

  22. You comment does beg the question why you are commenting here, as Scream clearly doesnt seem like its for you....

  23. did you not read my comment? where does it say i’ve never watched scream?? i watched all of the movies and scream 5 just sucks.

  24. Why it should be them again ? Maybe the target of Scream 6 will be Randy's niece and nephew.

  25. yeah they were all boring and i couldn’t stand their facial expressions.

  26. who cares? love who you want to love lmao stop the extreme obsession with mbti

  27. yeah but hailee’s character was better written and relatable. devi’s just extremely unbearable and unlikable.

  28. Seems more like INFP if anything. Bold of you to assume I have the motivation to follow one aesthetics throughly. And the no comments are just cringe. Every time I see L from Deathnote, my brain automatically assume “I’m 14 and this is deep”, like bruh the dude doesn’t even seem functional? Watching tiktok doesn’t even indicate anything cringe worthy like most comments would suggest. Like are you telling me watching excel tiktok is cancerous? If anything people who seriously think L is cool is cancerous

  29. i hate that L is an INTP because people think we act like him.

  30. ... Maybe for a 14 years old intp lol

  31. more like infp , i don’t see a intp doing this because we don’t like really mainstream things especially wings 4’s lmao.

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