1. Eye drops, which makes this so much better.

  2. One lady trying to pretend to put eye drops in so nobody knows she's looking up

  3. I saw that after reviewing the pics I took and it made this so much better.

  4. I saw the same price point for a box of Driscoli strawberries at my local supermarket of produce and fruits. Been shopping at the market for years and they always have great prices for fruits. Then, on a recent visit, I saw a $12 tag on conventional Discroli strawberries. Thought it was absurd and figured it might be the owners being slick.

  5. I know, I thought the same exact thing that everyone is just taking advantage of what’s going on but this is absolutely absurd.

  6. There are a ton of them in nyc

  7. Those long bags are only used in Manhattan every other borough has smaller bags

  8. It's my ns weekend!! I'm not looking forward to Monday

  9. 11 now Juneteenth National Independence Day (June 19).

  10. Nice fire hazard blocking the doors too

  11. if half my station bangs out that’s like 50 something people

  12. I'm dying to know what your level is... Is that at top pay?

  13. That's amazing but I'm cool with 40... I want a life and save my body from wear and tear

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