1. Same as you except Burn It Down.

  2. One of my buddies is really into hardcore and he had a friend who was very into Avenged around StST and WtF. He was in a coma for some time between WtF and CoE and when he came to the new album was out and he was so disappointed because they just sounded like Guns n Roses. Must have been pretty jarring.

  3. No I’m pretty certain they are doing a series on how they make the guitar. Probably posting new sections each week.

  4. I'll be honest never even heard of him, which book are you thinking

  5. Oh, well he passed away in 2020 and his book just came out, posthumously released, called “Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia”. He was an anthropologist who did his ethnography in Madagascar and heard of Libertalia and the Zana-Malata people. His new book is based on those experiences and work from his previous books “Debt” and “The Dawn of Everything”. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but I was just curious if you had because they both have to do with Libertalia! The drink sounds great btw

  6. Damn I have to look into that I'm a real big fan of pirates and I've listened to a lot of podcast episodes about pirates but now that I think about it I came up with the name for a drink first because I was playing uncharted 4 lol

  7. That’s awesome. It’s cool how all these different things collided. Check out the Srsly Wrong podcast episode with a scholar of pirates named Marcus Reideker. It’s pretty cool.

  8. Yeah, been a fan for 20 years now and I am enjoying the new single. They stated it was supposed to be nothing like what they've done before. Can't wait to hear the album as a whole.

  9. Same! I really appreciate their development as a band and I’m so glad they don’t keep releasing the same music over and over again. I enjoy how each album is its own thing and we can speak to different eras of the band.

  10. update: was a member for four months and it was awful- ended up cancelling

  11. Does anyone think the players are saving themselves for the Euro Conference? My dad recalls Trevor Brooking saying the team for the Cup Winners Cup was saving themselves by scraping by in the league but putting more effort in Europe.

  12. That’s what I was about to suggest! Doesn’t get much better than that.

  13. Highly recommend making it with Hamilton Pot Still Black if you can. It blew me away. Favorite drink from the book.

  14. For rum I’d say Hamilton rums. They have really good Demerara rums but also several blends and some special bottles, but the ones generally available are under $30 and really good. Hamilton 86 and 151 will always be in my bar.

  15. I think there was a distinct shift in the 2009-2012 period.

  16. It’s also around that time I noticed outlet stores started carrying factory outlet branded products and less stuff from the main line. You used to be able to grab cheaper, good quality clothes, then most things became branded as Factory Outlet and they were much lower quality.

  17. I love the Hamilton rums. They’re typically associated more with tiki drinks but they are generally affordable. The 86 is great and if you feel like adding something funky, the Jamaica Pot Still Black is one of the craziest tasting spirits I’ve ever had. It’s amazing in a daiquiri and a Pampanito.

  18. I feel like neanderthal is challenging

  19. Neanderthal Dark is wild. Smells like a damp cave and slowly turns into an animalic/fecal skin scent. Oof.

  20. I got a sample ages ago and I don’t remember where I got it from. I think it may have been the 2015 version.

  21. I like a Demerara, like Hamilton 86. But then I just call it a painkiller in my head as I’m drinking it, since I’m making it at home and the Pusser’s people won’t know. Shhhhhhh! Haha

  22. I have a pack of tiny Koloa bottles with all their offerings and I had no clue what to do with it and that HK Painkiller sounds great!

  23. I had this at a local Spanish restaurant and I loved it! They sell it in their little market, too. Great stuff over ice with an orange peel.

  24. My favorite is the Pampanito made with Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black.


  26. Thanks! I was very confused why the other person was getting downvoted too I thought it was relatively well known around here.

  27. I got one for Christmas too(730C model) and was underwhelmed with the first drink I made which was a Pupule. I followed the spec exactly but I don’t have crushed ice and I figured that may have thrown off the drink a bit. It didn’t seem diluted enough and came off a bit too syrupy. So next time, I made a Pampanito, put in a greater effort to crush the ice, added a few larger agitator cubes, and flash blended for longer(closer to 8 seconds on high). The drink came out way better and is one of my favorites from SC. It was easier than shaking and so that in itself almost makes it worth it. However, I havent made this drink shaken so I’m not sure if it would be similar. I think you can get the mouthfeel with a shaker, it just takes longer and more effort than using the machine.

  28. Smith and Cross is of course awesome. Doctor Bird is REALLY funky, but works very well in certain cocktails imho, especially in a Jungle Bird to offset the Campari.

  29. I put Hamilton Pot Still Black in a Pampanito and it was one of the best drinks I’ve had from the Smuggler’s Cove book.

  30. My favourite Serge Lutens. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to score an unboxed 50 mL for about $80 CAD. I adore this stuff! If you like sweet, spicy, resinous scents you will like it. It’s like Christmas/winter in a bottle for me.

  31. I love this stuff and it’s definitely my favorite Christmas scent. I hesitated to try a sample when you could get full bottles on fragrancenet for $80 USD and now they’re all gone. I have a small decant that will probably make it to its third Christmas.

  32. At some point this June, I was sitting in a kiddie pool and wondered “how do you make a Mai Tai?” Fast forward six months and I have 26 bottles of rum and a fridge door full of homemade syrups. Beware.

  33. I haven’t been keeping track closely but I think it’s something like:

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