1. Seen on screen in the show: Janeway: I beat the Borg on coffee

  2. Well he’s no baby. He owns a Doink-It.

  3. For Regular One the tipped part points up.

  4. My headcannon is that they felt it was impossible for the humans to know it was the Xindi but they also didn’t know about Future Guy’s involvement.

  5. I think the Netflix Apple TV app still doesn’t support interactive content like Bandersnatch, unless it’s been updated recently to fix this. (Can’t test it as I recently cancelled my Netflix subscription).

  6. Bill Gates is coming to buy you out.

  7. Don’t forget that episode ends with a reveal of the Borg.

  8. So how did Season 1 Janeway get her torpedoes?

  9. It was embarrassing for Janeway when she told holo-da Vinci that Red Bull gives you wings.

  10. When Trek & Bojack fandoms intersect ❤️

  11. Do they throw in the exclusive fang sharpener kit for free?

  12. They tried, but the Ferengi won’t allow any of their products to be ”thrown in for free” - especially for hew-mon customers.

  13. Didn’t work and now I have a cracked screen.

  14. Tried this but they could still hear my sobbing

  15. White American male conservative version = NDJOC or No Diversity, Just One Combination

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