[OC] The rise and fall of music formats

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  1. I think all the points raised here are very fair, but there’s an obvious glaring omission: you are not lucky if your starter misses 2.5 games, and the replacement starter gets hurt in each of the games the regular starter misses.

  2. He actually didn't omit that (and I agree about the normalized record):


  4. Don't know why you are being downvoted. You linked a solid scientifically valid study.

  5. Definitely a good piece of evidence. But the same source, at the bottom of the page, under "Similar Articles" links a

  6. Bummer! If I post thru the RIF app, it won't let me post a duplicate. But I guess the site will allow dupes (that's how I posted this one).

  7. Before he met Mike McDaniel, Tua Tagovailoa had only known tough coaching, the kind built on hard criticism. He knew it from his dad, from Nick Saban, from Brian Flores and even from himself.

  8. I agree, but he gives credit to the offense overall. Tyreek for OPOY, McDaniel and Tua in the discussion for their OY awards.

  9. I love this article and especially how he ends it:

  10. I somehow wound up with Cooper Kupp, Hill, AND Waddle in the same 12 team PPR league...

  11. I hope you are in first place!

  12. Why’d you edit the title to make it look like something it’s not?

  13. I didn't. That is the title of the article. I noticed it was confusing later.

  14. After I commented on the original article, they changed the title. I don't think I can edit this?

  15. Playing at all at that age is obviously impressive, but the reason Brady (and LeBron) is impressive is because he’s still playing like a top 5 QB and won a Super Bowl well into his 40s.

  16. Yeah but how many game winning field goals has Brady kicked lately?

  17. It's a player health issue, my man. No need to be this salty about it. It's absolutely something the NFL should look into given how areas of the US are seeing their hottest heat waves on record, and that trend is going to continue.

  18. Suspend Tom Brady four weeks out of solidarity

  19. He actually admitted being the cause of the fight. He should be suspended.

  20. This article annoyed me because some guy I never heard of still wanted to trash Tua the whole time.

  21. Also: this was one of SIX touchdown passes. 6!!

  22. I think you forgot the most important part. The link

  23. So between 2005 and 2015 half of music listeners just stopped listening to music?

  24. Love this kind of stuff. I personally think Under the Dome is too high and Black House is too low. And The Stand is my favorite. But that's just me.

  25. Does it have to be a competition? I think it’d be better to use the responses to this post to compile a list of awesomeness!

  26. Exactly! And the list that OP made is a good start

  27. probably missing the /s but she wasn't around for very much of the 70's...

  28. First part in a different reply, and the rest:

  29. Sorry! Cut and paste (most of it):

  30. Haven’t read the article but I imagine a competent offense is the new way forward

  31. And also a totally different approach for the team and Tua.

  32. Like actually supporting your QB? Has that been proven to work?

  33. There's also this wiki

  34. Nice! All are at least arguable, most are spot on. What about post-7th round? Any?

  35. He was a free agent, though. What about drafted after 7? (But best free agents would also be fun.)

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