1. To be fair, Banana suits were hard to come by in the 50s

  2. Hi from somewhere in Europe, keep these weather updates coming. You think it going to get wetter?

  3. Florida is known for quick bursts of rain despite sunny skies. It’ll be interesting if that happens for sure

  4. To put it into perspective, NDSU during CW's career there averaged only 17 passes a game. Every other team on that list averaged 25+. With so few passes thrown, the drops count as a much higher percentage. If you only drop it twice, you sound like a beast. But if the QB throws it 10 times, you have a 20% drop rate. Or if the QB throws it 40 times, you have a 5% drop rate.

  5. Not trying to be a Debbie downer but he had 12 drops in his last two seasons, which is a large amount regardless of passes thrown

  6. If Rodgers can’t make you look good, no one can.

  7. Can you bring back a PvP mini game like Bounty Hunter with unique rewards?

  8. My prediction is he makes the roster solely because he was a third round pick and hardly plays at all

  9. This. He was 179th in receiving yards in the league last year and at the very bottom of the Rookie WR class.

  10. Even worse is when you add in tick perfect prayer flicking (inferno). It’s incredibly dull to learn the rhythm and one 250ms mistake you die.

  11. Damn Jonesy get back to squats them legs lookin' twiggish

  12. Baggy shorts will do that for people with high calfs

  13. Nice to see someone get excited to be drafted lol. Seems like a lot of these guys are stone faced

  14. Ok I put my torch out I’m not rioting tonight

  15. Oh you’re right. Sign Jarvis* and draft Pickens lol

  16. 12 drops on 61 receptions…yeesh. That scares me

  17. Easily worth 22 overall + getting third in return. And what $15m cap hit spread between next two years?

  18. Can’t wait till we draft a TE and OL in the 2nd round.

  19. We traded Devonte adams, the best WR in football for the 3rd best LB in the draft + a 2nd round pick lmao.

  20. Why reach on a WR when you can reach on an ILB instead?

  21. Is defense why we lost to 49ers last year? 🤔

  22. wE CaN fINd 2 Wr1s iN ThE 2Nd rOunD 🤡

  23. I like Burks. Not as much as London or Wilson but I’d be stoked to get him at 22

  24. yeah. I mean, you are pretty much saying "I like the better players better"

  25. Maybe it’s a consensus now, but a few weeks ago I was told Pickens and Olave are better than London by this sub.

  26. Packers don't give out information with regards to the draft. Stokes and Love were both out of left field, so whatever you're hearing just throw it out.

  27. Love was actually rumored to the packers and mocked to them in some cases. LeFleur really liked him.

  28. Wilson and London I think are worthy of trading up for. Anyone else should only be considered if they fall to Pack

  29. Absolutely. They are a notch ahead of the rest of the class IMO.

  30. Downgrade from Adams and would require the same draft capital + compensation to keep him.

  31. I’m a die on this hill till draft day and we know who goes where... Olave will have a better NFL career over London.

  32. Interesting. In my opinion London and Wilson will both be more productive. I guess we shall see!

  33. Why are people salty because someone enjoys a different aspect of the game?

  34. It really depends how the board falls. There will be at least 2 of the top WRs gone inside the top 15 picks.

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