A redditor who saw my post about insurance turning me down for a prosthetic finger messaged me a few weeks ago saying he would try to make one. I got the prototype in the mail today. He asked nothing in return

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  1. He’s about to yell at you about how you need to rank up your fucking style points. Try switching weapons from time to time. It’s disgusting the way you play. (Pls don’t get mad its a joke)

  2. little tip of the day: set up a macro for left click + F with a delay of 50ms, now you can projectile boost the shit out of him with the shotgun👍

  3. Just to be sure: there are no compatibilities to check other than size, key and max storage on an M.2 SSD, right?

  4. I don't smoke weed. I'll never smoke cigarettes. I am mostly holding off until my brain is developed because it is true that there is a small risk of lowering my capacity for memory. Also, you're only a year older than me dumbass. You can still be dumb as fuck with a scholarship, academics isn't everything. If you need credentials, I've been two years advanced in everything, math, science, and constant English honors student since the 6th grade. 96th percentile SAT. Highly Capable program in elementary school.

  5. I don’t think I’m better than smokers. I am better than smokers. But I’m glad ya got my entire personality figured out from a handful of comments.

  6. anyone under the age of 25 shouldn't do much of it,

  7. Good to know all my friends who smoke weed have what's coming to them

  8. To expand. There's a thing called file cache (in memory) which will give way to software that actually needs memory. Unused memory is wasted memory. Do you really have an actual problem or just scared of numbers you (and most of us too) do not understand?

  9. I know unused memory is wasted, but sometimes it really causes trouble because I don't have enough ram to run some apps at the same time

  10. It lags a lot (the app mostly, but the system too, sometimes) normally

  11. What is the best GPU I can go for without bottlenecking my R5 2600 too hard?

  12. Yeah I don’t think it will be long before people are wanting it nerfed.

  13. The series would only benefit from Doom Slayer being in Fortnite I’d think. It would introduce DOOM to an entirely new audience

  14. Tbh I didn't even notice it until someone mentioned it in the comments

  15. I love that I don't know shit about the lore of this sub so random posts like these come up to my timeline every now and then and I'm desperately trying to understand them

  16. Why are you posting here if you haven't played Ace Combat?

  17. I've never actually heard of Ace Combat. I thought you were just a bunch of schizos

  18. its funny because someone killed themself and we made it into a haha niko post

  19. I loved when he said "It's McNutting time!" and he McNutted all over everyone

  20. Hey what a fun day! I Wonder what could go wrong! Just Niko and...

  21. They’re just smoking shitty weed. It’s a chemical reaction in your brain it literally can’t “lose its magic.”

  22. In September I bout a Razer Huntsman TE, and today I noticed my X key started to malfunction, only displaying the correct colors sometimes (in a consistent way)

  23. If men disappeared women wouldn’t survive through the winter. Not a lot of women as Contractors, Electricans, Plumbers, mechanics, Engineers, Fire Fighters, etc… Trash day is tomorrow as it has been for decades and I’ve never seen a woman anywhere near that garbage truck. The trash pileup alone would suffocate the cities.

  24. Point is, everyone is disposable in a certain form. That's because we need a whole to be whole. That's the point of a society

  25. I agree with your last part, but your hypothetical situation about all men suddenly disappearing and society being okay is false. It would be detrimental and a miracle for society to recover if either sex suddenly disappeared.

  26. Internet, farmers, truckers, electricians, basically all people who work jobs with high death % would be gone. Society would not recover

  27. After all, women are omniscient and know which one of us has a big dick

  28. Is it like a normal, plain towel or like a fun towel, with characters/shapes on it?

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