1. Yeah but OOP said in the comments that “in my family, everyone younger is a Jr. and not Jr. then 3rd then 4th and so on” which is pretty much like that “that’s how it works in my country that’s not the US” trope

  2. Nope that part of this song you were talking about was copied from the interlude of Vaanamunna Uyaram Kaattu from Manmadhan. The “What a Karvaad” bit was also taken from Changu Chaka from this old Telugu movie called Kokila

  3. Glad you caught the reference! You, my friend, are witty!

  4. I’m betting it’s all Indian languages if true, no fucking way they’re gonna release it in fucking Russian or Chinese or whatnot

  5. Lmao I sang that to the tune of the “he’s the survivor, he’s the fire” bgm from The Warriorr

  6. Enough spoof material needs to come out in order for part 3 to come out, I think the next one will release in 2026 cuz there was an 8 year gap between the first and second parts

  7. I hope its sooner rather than later. So much content potential there waiting to be moulded for Part 3.

  8. Suriya used to be this from about Kaakha Kaakha to Singam. Good films (minus the rare Maayavi) and generally most of them were hits.

  9. Yeah Alex Pandian, Dev, and Sulthan are the only blips in the last 10 or so years

  10. All the tracks in How to Name It, Nothing but Wind, and Thiruvasagam in Symphony are absolute gems imo

  11. Where tf is kanni? Lmao it’s literally used to describe his fans

  12. This post is just a case of Black people bad race bait lol

  13. He decided to complete his higher studies and went to Harvard to get an MBA. After graduating, he ran away from home to create a startup company, only to come back and take over his family business once he finds out his dad is dying soon. After his dad dies, he runs away to Kashmir to get away from his competitor’s goons and creates a chocolate factory in the process. There, he meets a doctor and a magician that look exactly like him. They tell him their flashback about how their dad died and how Daniel’s goons are after him after they killed him. The three then go to Rajasthan to seek refuge in Dharmeshwar’s house cuz the goons managed to follow them to Kashmir. They narrowly escape a bomb blast in Jaipur caused by sleeper cell terrorists originally from Mumbai. In order to get to the bottom of this, they meet Jagadish, who has all the information about the terrorists due to having already investigated them in the past. He tells them everything about the terrorists and helps them figure out the location of their hideout. Together, they meet Udhaya to gain knowledge on how to make bombs. They then use what they learned to create their own bomb and secretly plant it in the terrorists’ hideout. They eventually succeed in killing the terrorists and are applauded by the government for their actions. The end.

  14. yeah he first made magadheera( மாவீரன் ) and eega ( நான் ஈ ) before bahubali.

  15. He also did original versions of சிருத்தை (Vikramarkudu) and கஜேந்திரா (Simhadri) as well

  16. He has said many times that he wants to gain more experience as a filmmaker before doing such huge projects, that’s why his dream project, a large scale Mahabharat, will take over 10-15 years to fully come to fruition

  17. Bruh the bulls announcers are so annoying god damn, the entire Chicago feed is just shitting on Embiid the entire game


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