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  1. I love this. I'm not a mom, but my mom played games with me when I was a kid like Street Fighter, Crash Bandicoot, Castlevania, and a lot more. I love games because of her and she still games. She loves Animal Crossing and runs a clan on some game that participates in wars on mobile.

  2. Same! My mother used to play all kinds of games. Our first console was her Atari. It was not uncommon for her to be a couple minutes late picking us up from school because she lost track of time in the Sims or Heroes of Might and Magic. And lately she's been waking up at four in the morning trying to get the last fish she needs for her museum in Animal Crossing.

  3. The head mod of the largest general visual novels subreddit is

  4. Fanfic has been getting reworked for publishing for years now, but in the past it was always something you never mentioned as an author. Lately it seems more and more people are abandoning that and embracing the roots of where the stories came from.

  5. I'd guess because it's a big investment to move to audio and they're not sure if it's worth the returns yet. But, there are a few official audiobooks out there.

  6. What appeals to me about the genre is that it has the same draw as a time travel story to a certain extent. The main character knows what's going to happen and is taking steps they think will avert bad outcomes. It's about using a wide variety of knowledge and resources to tackle theoretical problems with uncertain results.

  7. I’m glad that “name order = who tops/bottoms” isn’t the norm in English fandom. I feel that kinda sexualizes a pairing even in SFW contexts? Like it’s weird when I look at SFW fanart in JP fandom for A/B and find that the personality dynamics are completely different from SFW B/A fanart… even though it’s the same pairing and there’s nothing sexual about it! And you know in the back of your mind that the only reason the characters have those traits is because the artist views them as top/bottom or vice-versa, from something as simple as the ship name.

  8. I'd like to enter! Thank you so much for this!

  9. There’s always been a yaoi crowd, just very small and well-hidden. It’s starting to get bigger.

  10. A crowd cursed to double-take every time someone mentions "BL authors."

  11. Ahhh this is so annoying because I know that I have examples, but my brain is doing that thing where I get a question about media and it forgets what media even is!

  12. Jump axes things very easily, much to my dismay. Recently, my mind unfortunately decided to obsess itself over a Jump manga that was axed three years ago. Such is life…

  13. Yeah, I think everyone that follows Jump for a while has that one series or two that they just know would have been great if Jump had given them a little more time.

  14. Who has a hobby or an interest they're really, really (maybe even really, really, really) passionate about but have largely eliminated much of the communal or participatory dimension of it because the fandom culture is so insufferable?

  15. Visual novels. The otome spaces are great. Anything else? Eh.

  16. Hades, definitely. I think what makes it more than just a good game, but a feminist game is the way it handles its female cast.

  17. uj/ Why do these games need a localisation coordinator? They were already released in the west

  18. Some of it's just making button prompts and terminology match the new systems you're working on. I suspect this version of P3P will fix the

  19. Divorced from any context, that does seem pretty weird; however, I get the feeling that there might be practical, logical, and/or historical reasons for that.

  20. It's largely cultural. It comes from the way many Japanese companies expect to be engaged with that Steiner briefly goes into

  21. Serious question: Where would you go with the Forsaken from being evil zombies who create plagues to turn everyone else into evil zombies?

  22. I think it's reductive to say that your only options are evil edgelords or sad humans with a skin condition clinging to the remnants of a dead empire.

  23. Just gonna keep pounding this square peg into a round hole until it fits, I guess.

  24. Sorc’s base armor is out of date. Clearly the pearl shop outfits are more elaborate (and more revealing) but if you look at more recent classes like Drakania, Corsair, Sage and Nova, they have base armor which is both tasteful and higher-res. So while they do put the elaborate stuff in the pearl shop, I would not say that they deliberately make base armor look bad. I play a Lahn and her base armor is quite nice.

  25. How is this different from what we’re getting? We didn’t even see all of the customization options that will be available.

  26. So far what we've seen is the female models are based on human female models, as opposed to the blood elf ones shown in this art, and I don't see how more customization options are going to change that fact.

  27. Do we have a hobbydrama post on him or is his asshattery more just a constant low level drone?

  28. I don't know if there's a more comprehensive one, but there is

  29. i think it depends on what kind of anime you are watching , i agree with you on the other parts though but when it comes to anime there are still decent new ones out there they are just now that well known or (mainstream)

  30. Yes, Bookworm is so great! I haven't seen the anime, but I binged all the currently translated light novels last month and that was such an absolute delight.

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