1. This is the second Movie I saw where Ben Affleck gets cucked

  2. So she was getting her cheeks split on this movie by other dudes or dude?

  3. Have u read about all the people who were dosed by the cia with lsd ? The guy who killed Oswald , the ice man the hit man , whitey bugler from black mass can’t remember the rest of the top of my head

  4. First of all, deep sea isopod will never venture onto land unless deliberately caught, secondly, The YouTub channel you described is called Catch-em-all-fishing and they’re known for softcore animal cruelty, they do that to gain views which works with their ghetto audience, that video you described is when they brought a deep sea isopod and tortured it for a whole day, they probably ended up killing it in the end like they always do but I didn’t wanna waste anymore of my time to finish that disgusting content

  5. Im saying for example if Jan 6 happen again what would be done differently would we see these people as a threat that need to be eliminated or a wave to ride out

  6. I think attempted coups should be put down. Let Democracy do its job.

  7. Lol yea but I didn’t know what side you were in didn’t wanna trigger you an I also ask if we would do anything because the woman who died in the capital there screaming murder

  8. Gadafi wanted to change his currency to gold an take out the petro dollar since he had the most gold

  9. I had a friend with lupez an she overdosed on pain Meds time goes by an I find out the doctor is getting sued for her death which I kinda think is ducked since she was living crazy her last days but was in pain so idk who over did it the doctor for over doing it with the pills

  10. I mean, I think it seriously makes people more stupid. My friend is using it for a good cause to make motivational videos. But apparently if a video is longer than 15sec, almost no one watches. Talk about impairing attention spans. I've lived in China for a year. Those people work harder and study harder than we do in the West. I could see it being used as a dumbing down tool.

  11. Tik tok here in the u.s an tik tok in China are said to have different algorithms we get dancing an stupid shit y’all get projects an science

  12. A gay what ? I assume t9 took over an thought u were asked can we try but stuff an it answered wecan

  13. Was taking it serious till you said we won’t take no crap as republicans then imagine a soy boy

  14. Na the shooter killed the first teacher an then shot the fat dude who had told the class to get under there tables an was the only survivor of the class

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