1. "I put a dollar in, I got a car. I put a dollar in, I got a car. I put a dollar in, I got a car. I put a dollar in, I got a car"

  2. I can't remember any rumors. They pulled out of a Hurricane benefit concert right before and then the "indefinite hiatus" was announced pretty soon after.

  3. Is Returnal worth it for the digital edition at $30? Been looking to pick it up, but unsure if I should get the physical elsewhere for the same price.

  4. Returnal is one of my favorite games ever. Worth it at any price. Go for it.

  5. I'm waiting to see which games are getting PSVR2 updates before I commit to anything, but RE8 and Firewall are the ones that are most exciting me. Horizon is a lot of money if it's just a short game as has been reported. It does look amazing, though. I really hope Saints and Sinners 1 gets a free update because I'm itching to play that with good controls.

  6. Agreed on RE8 being one of the most exciting ones. I'm hoping RE4 Remake gets a PSVR2 version as well. They said VR "content" was coming but who knows what that means.

  7. Love the "Mark, Tom, & Travis Show" representation on that wall.

  8. I want a remake of 1 for current gen and a VR mode for it. Walking around the mansion in VR would be sooo cool.

  9. Chicago - $325 for a floor seat (sec 3), $375 with fees/taxes. Didn't see any single tickets for much less than that, or if there were any they went fast. Wayyy more than I wanted to spend ugh :(

  10. Had to write them out to keep track but I think this would be my 7th?: Mark Tom & Travis Show, Pop Disaster Tour, Q101 Twisted 8, Dolla Bill Tour, Riot Fest 2013, Riot Fest 2019

  11. IF there's an album they probably wrote/recorded it separately in their own studios. Would love to be wrong about that.

  12. After the strife that caused during Neighborhoods there’s no way Mark and Travis would agree to that again. If there’s a new album it was definitely recorded with everyone together.

  13. Eh I wouldn't bet on it, just knowing the three of them at this stage in their lives lol

  14. I'd love less singles, more deep cuts...but I know it won't happen knowing them. Would love to hear stuff like Online Songs, Give Me One Good Reason, Wrecked Him, Zulu, Emo...

  15. Interesting i wonder if they are using that as a new logo? I like it

  16. I really like the new logo too. So much better than the one they're using now. Hope it's real.

  17. Damn. Not surprised, but would kill for a smaller venue show here and there 😔

  18. Never happening again. I saw them on the Dolla Bill Show tour, and it was INSANE. 500 cap room, setlist of nothing but bangers and the untitled album just before(?) it came out. I remember standing by the bus, and watching them walk out of it and into the venue. Travis completely hiding under a hood, while Mark and Tom waived to those of us standing by. I yelled “Tom! I wanna suck your dick!” as a 13-year-old boy, and Tom just winking at me. My first mosh pit, too.

  19. Haha. Same. Saw them in Chicago on that tour at the House of Blues after scoring some tickets from Tower Records. It was a few days before the untitled album release. My friends and I may or may not have downloaded it beforehand and learned all the songs haha. I swear to god to this day that Mark looked at us and laughed when he saw us singing the new songs. Good times.

  20. I love this album. ESPECIALLY love how fast they play the songs.

  21. Also in this boat. How do we bring this up in front of the Judge? Does the Creditor's Committee have to bring this up as an issue?

  22. Does anyone have the exact wording of the TOS before and after the change? or a link to maybe screenshots of them? Might come in handy.

  23. Does anyone have the exact wording of the TOS before and after the change? or a link to maybe screenshots of them? Might come in handy.

  24. I would not file a claim form unless directed to do so by counsel. I have not had contact with counsel yet but my understanding is filing a claim waives the right to a jury trial for preferences.

  25. I'm a little confused - say we have assets in Celsius but are also in this situation where we took out some assets before the pause (within the 90 day window). Are you saying we shouldn't file a claim for the assets still locked in Celsius because it waives the right to a jury trial for preferences for the other assets that were withdrawn?

  26. I love the Hopium, and I too will smoke it with you :)

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