[I ate] Poutine

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  1. Him eating his food at set times. Won't work. I leave the food out and he eats when he feels like it. Teddy - 1, Daddy - 0.

  2. I've always wondered why the sauce is so yellow. It doesn't even taste like mustard.

  3. They don't say "no homo" after sucking off their homies.

  4. "See, it's just two guys sucking each other's dicks. Nothing homo about that, right?"

  5. Read "Mind Over Mood" and complete the exercises. CBT can help a ton though if you need SSRIs you should get a prescription.

  6. It’s not an explanation but it’s driven by a higher % of their fathers being incarcerated.

  7. Well maybe don’t share the nofap thing with people… the responses you’re getting make sense if you’re sharing your masturbatory habits

  8. What’s there to be ashamed about? There needs to be more awareness about how addictive and toxic porn is.

  9. Fapping is masturbating to porn. No assumptions were made.

  10. I’d go with the white marble but with more subtle veins.

  11. Oh ya look at those squeaky cheese curds.

  12. So they have no plans to end it. Roger that.

  13. Should let the homeless sleep in the vacant homes used to launder foreign money.

  14. Absolutely. His latest basketball one too.

  15. Plug the holes with steel wool to keep mice out. Bell ain’t gonna hide shit.

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