1. Wait I’m confused I thought giving people money was communist? /s

  2. It's only bad when it helps the wrong people

  3. "We're not racist. We just think that the superior white man did the Africans a favor by forcing them into chattel slavery and giving them the privilege to be slaves in the freest country on earth."

  4. Also it's a small price for them to pay because they were made Christian so saved from damnation. Never mind the hell o earth they suffered.

  5. I sure hope we see wrongful death lawsuits and manslaughter charges when women start dying from ectopic pregnancies.

  6. When they die of ectopic pregnancies who gets charged with manslaughter. The fetus, the male who impregnated, and or law makers who voted to let them die?

  7. Brokeland because there are no longer subsidized by blue states

  8. No muppet. No muppet. You are the muppet.

  9. We had these two adopted strays and they both ballooned out while other cats we had remained slim. All got the same amount of food. I don't remember but I suppose it's possible the skimmer ones were bullied out of food but I don't think so.

  10. I had a shelter kitty who overate started balloon. Poor thing was a stunted purebred half the size she should have been. I couldn't deny her at first but had to when started chonking up. I had other cats fed em all at the same time so I'd wait until the largest who was built like a brick chicken house and 3x her size so when was done then then let her eat for two more minutes then put kibble away until next meal. I hoped that would be enough to keep her from feeling like starvation still a risk. After a few months she adjusted stopped eating before the big guy did . I was lucky it worked and had over 15 years with a very precious brave little kitty.

  11. um, i'm no scientist but covid infects more than the throat so no matter how awesome this gizmo might be at killing off germs there it doesn't help the rest of the body from bronchi to lungs, heart, kidney lungs, testicles...

  12. A pro-forced birther told me last weekend that no women with access to proper healthcare is at risk of dying from a pregnancy.

  13. 1 to 2% of pregnancy are ectopic

  14. Estimated 1 to 2% pregnancy are ectopic and already leading cause of death in first few months of pregnancy will now be 100% fatal

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