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  1. How about a nativity scene cookie "Sorry, no womb at the inn."

  2. If you don't have the right to bodily autonomy, then you don't have the right to own property. All rights stem from the premise that you are in control of your own person.

  3. Yes, you are in control of your own person. So if you choose to do the thing that makes babies then you take responsibility and choose the baby. There's laws against murdering people but you don't see people justifying it by saying "it's my bodily autonomy i can kill if I want to."

  4. We do say that: in cases of self defense, you can not be obligated to provide lifesaving blood or organs, hell you can refuse life saving medical care on your own person if you choose.

  5. That's good, because the only mention of abortion in the bible is a prescription on how to do it and the book is full of God murdering people ( and a whole bunch of kids).

  6. Why did you have wet thongs on the airplane in the first place?

  7. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

  8. I'm not a huge fan of Garland, but the DOJ moves at a glacial pace, and this is the largest criminal investigation in U.S. history. Historically, even some very simple cases have taken years to prosecute. I know the situation calls for expedition, but a lot of the hold-ups are the judicial/legal system itself.

  9. The problem is this shit is on a timer. If we get to the midterms and Congress changes hands, all these investigations stop and get mired in partisan bs.

  10. The other day I saw a thin blue line flag, with a red line under the blue ( firefighters?), and a green one under that (forest rangers?). These people gonna fuck around and end up with a pride flag on their trucks.

  11. Exactly. I don't know how liking or loving guns immediately correlates you to being a fucked up breed and wanting to shoot up innocent civilians with racist intentions..

  12. I have found that most people who "love" their guns are just itching for a scenario in which to use them. Preparing, even training and running drills for said hypothetical situations. Conversely, I have encountered surprising few scenarios where a gun was required.

  13. Have you based your opinion by just browsing #gunmemereview on Instagram or something? Yes, people who love guns do prepare, train and run drills, because they know when they'll need it, they'll not be in an ideal scenario. It will be under pressure and seconds may count, and faltering with the gun you're carrying is very detrimental in that situation.

  14. I live in a rural part of America. I base my opinion on friends, family, and members of my community. And just because someone like Rittenhouse or Zimmerman gets off on self defense, doesn't mean that the gun made the situation better, or was warranted in the first place.

  15. Nothing wrong with not having a dick.

  16. At least until June, then it might become problematic.

  17. If you think the difference between you and the most successful entrepreneur to exist in the history of mankind is your bank account then no one can help with your delusions.

  18. Most Americans support abortion. It's not about what most Americans want.

  19. Or at my highschool. One day the abortion nuts were there slapping aborted fetus pictures on the bus windows and handing out jesus comic books about how we were all going to hell.

  20. If supports whatever you want it to. That's the best argument as to why it's bullshit.

  21. You have an ass like a zip lock bag filled with mashed potatoes

  22. Elon is trash. He is not your friend.

  23. Surrrre, gotta get that glory hole in just the right spot.

  24. The time for clever quips may be at an end.

  25. I signed yes when I was younger than ops brother. In the end they did not and op wasn't ok with it. No one is entitled to those organs. Sucks, but it's reality.

  26. Nobody said anyone was entitled, someone said they denied life saving organs to people who needed them, because they felt slighted. It's OPs right to make that the decision, obviously, but people died because of it. Not might have, or even probably, DID die. There are not enough organs for everyone who needs a transplant and some people didn't get the life saving organs they needed, because OP didn't like someone's tone.

  27. I think you're overstating the situation here massively. Your claim that people died because OP refused donation leaves out huge amounts of data and situational issues. Even with willing family, donation of some or all organs may be halted due to an undiscovered disease state or certain lifestyle choices. Would you then blame the deceased for killing people because they didn't care for themselves as if they were going to be a donor? Very slippery slope, there.

  28. It's not conjecture, nor supposition. The OP stated their motivation. They were within their right to refuse. That choice had consequences. OP had a chance to save lives and chose not to, because someone spoke to them in a way they didn't like.

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