1. Dickinson, on Apple TV First kill, on Netflix The 100 on prime

  2. First Kill is so good! A lot of WLW I’ve talked to here don’t like it but I love it.

  3. I think maybe people were expecting more from it, but I thought it was cool

  4. Also just an unbelievably good book. 100% recommend this

  5. Whenever I see the recurring question of why adults read some YA, my personal reason is that the YA books I read are the ones that I wish had existed when I was young. But better late than never!

  6. I get like a special kind of giddiness reading lgbtq+ YA books. It’s like I’m excited for 14 year old me. That representation is so important for queer kids

  7. Shame on Ripleys for allowing this. And it didn't even look good. A better tribute would have been a replica that actually fit. This whole ordeal is shameful.

  8. Kafka and Orwell wrote some amazing stories for people to now misuse the terms “Kafka-esque” and “Orwellian” anytime something changes in the world they don’t agree with.

  9. Have you heard of the Korean film "The Handmaiden"? It is apparently inspired by Fingersmith.

  10. I don't know about age warnings, but maybe where something similar to content warnings. For example I can go on IMDb and see if a movie has gore or sex in it for example. Perhaps something like that would suffice, even if users can just put warnings on goodreads perhaps, seperate from the reviews.

  11. Andy Weir. His prose just has a very amateur-ish feel to it and it grates on me.

  12. It all just feels very flat to me. Almost like there is no passion.

  13. I think they're ugly but as long as other covers are available I don't mind. I'll just buy a different version.

  14. Unfortunately for ebook readers, these people are so kind as to "update" our book covers after the fact. I hate looking through my book collection and finding something I read suddenly has an unrecognizable cover.

  15. Its okay to enjoy things that are considered bad or low quality too. Not everything has to be cutting edge and high art, its cool if you just allow yourself to be entertained.

  16. It's okay to enjoy things that are high art, too. I feel like there is often a reaction in American culture against high art or anything intellectual or whatever. I guess people might pay lip service to saying that they like something that's higher or whatever, but reality is different.

  17. Of course, people should be able to enjoy whatever they want. My perspective is one of someone who used to be a teenage girl, and most of the stereotypical teenage girl stuff I enjoyed would be criticised heavily, usually by grown men.

  18. Some people believe if it is a gaming laptop it must deliver a good gaming performance while not plugged in (like a switch) and get upset when it's not. That's the ideal world and would be nice, however considering the raw power of the components the battery is not able to support it while unplugged for long. It probably will be fine for non intensive games like unpacking, Chinese parents and things like that, but nothing too powerful and in this aspect steam deck might be a better option. I normally see a gaming laptop as a portable machine that is capable to perform well once plugged in and act like a laptop if you use it at work. It is good if you move around and use it at the hotels, rather then while on the move.

  19. Unpacking and Chinese parents are my most played switch games lmao

  20. How long does it last if you are playing something like love is strange or rimworld? Love those games as well!

  21. Rimworld, maybe 5/6 hours. Life is strange (I've mostly been playing before the storm) 3/4 hours

  22. Do you mean like when singing along? I know some people that say "neighbour". Most people simply don't sing along to that part though.

  23. Brittany seems less popular these days for reasons I don’t understand, but I have so much love for her that it doesn’t faze me anymore. I honestly think all characters go through this with the fandom at some point. I used to let posts like this upset me, but I’ve learned to respect how others feels with the understanding that I just need to love on her that much much.

  24. I laugh at every fondue for two segment. I think Brittany is a fun character, and for the most part we should try not to take her too seriously. I think she's entertaining.

  25. We will see. I kind of want him to accidentally destroy it, sell it at a loss, and then have most people never go back to it. It would not be a loss for society.

  26. Its purely chance that I was born where I was, it doesn't make sense to me to celebrate that. There are certain cultural things that I enjoy, but that is more down to the people around me than the land I happen to reside on

  27. These "lol I vandalised Wikipedia aren't I funny" posts are boring.

  28. I mean changing Ed Sheeran's name to Little Gary Singsong is relatively harmless, and obviously a joke. Lighten up a little bit

  29. The owner should lose the cat, that's such a fucked image.

  30. allowing a cat to get to that size is horrendous, I hope they're at least trying to diet him.

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