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  1. where is the file named ‘C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ANNO1800\Bin\Win64\Anno1800.exe’? I can’t find it

  2. i found the solution (no thanks to you all in the comments) which is to open your file folder, scroll down the side where your [windows c: for windows, idk what it is for apple] and below that should be some kind of "disk" running. what you need to do is eject that, then you can delete the malware.

  3. what does scroll to c: windows mean help i just downloaded without thinking

  4. What I don't understand is why Disney hasn't capitalized more on TOH (and Amphibia). Honestly, if they began selling merch, I'd buy a heck ton of it. These shows are so good that Disney doesn't really even need to put too much effort into it.

  5. a ton of fans aren't watching the show legally and it's screwing it over because the good ol' mouse thinks nobody's tuning into the show

  6. Oh I'm sorry because I pirate the show and because I have no cable that has disney channel.

  7. It's okay !! I'm just talking about the fans that have the option to support the show when it first comes out or on other streaming services, and in other ways, but decide not to.

  8. anne's sheer amount of anger sent her back to the human realm

  9. the episode's plot is grime and sasha trying to get some hammer or something i recall

  10. I feel like both Amphibia and The Owl House (along with some other shows like Star vs the Forces of Evil and Steven Universe) tried to copy the smash hit that was Gravity Falls, to varying degrees, and with varying degrees of success.

  11. I don't think it's all intentional though -- maybe some aspects

  12. I think Sashanne is kinda like Boschallow in the TOH fandom. (Yes I am a part of both fandoms). Fanon Sasha is nice and not toxic and it works well with anne and I have no problem with ppl shipping them I just think that canon Sasha is way to toxic and the relationship would be harmful.

  13. I feel like they could be in a relationship-- just sasha would still be manipulative and would distance anne from marcy or do some other non-healthy junk. after all, she's been proven to be a little too forgiving--but since she realized how much of a jerk she's been to her I think that's (probably??) out the window.- would make more sense for sasha and marcy to be in a toxic relationship tbh. besides, it doesn't have to be romantic and could be a really good plot point anyway even if it was all platonic.

  14. maybe it'll be like a 'no! I'm not letting you fall again, not this time' type of situation

  15. also if you don't like illegal sites you can connect your tv provider with disneynow and have it for free, but disneynow is kinda jank and glitchy, as well as having ads that break sometimes so i can't really guarantee it'll work 100% of the time

  16. she probably did because her friends were in it and y'know. sasha being sasha

  17. who cares about the music box and other plot points in the show, i just wanna see that guy touch ground again

  18. literally every show has shipping the day it's created, don't make excuses to be homophobic.

  19. and then she does a bad and then learns a life lesson

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