1. Just wondering can you give accolades now on ps5? I don’t see the button to give accolades to other players after the match. Wondering if it’s fixed yet.

  2. If you’re playing the ps4 version of the game on ps5 this is not available

  3. Dude control is excellent. Definitely my favorite 3rd person combat system other than horizon. I’m also just about to dive back in to death stranding director’s cut, which definitely isn’t for everyone, but once it gets under your skin you will never stop.

  4. I stopped playing death stranding about 25 hours in and I still think about it all the time. It definitely does get under your skin in a weird way 😅

  5. If I were to guess, would say you haven't been spending.

  6. Yeah, you have to spend the magatama you pick up at the shrines (those blue glowy orbs that drop from enemies). I can’t fathom how one person could get 154 kills in rivals unless they just killed stuff forever and never spent the magatama.

  7. Maybe it was just my group but I still felt like an asshole in there, even with holding off to let the others get some of the spawns I ended up with more than double the kills of the next highest person. Yes, I was a hunter but I don’t pick off other people’s kills, the pretty typical hunter build is just devastating to big groups. It would be fun to duo, but a matchmade group of randoms probably still hates me lol.

  8. Regularly do duo NMS which is a challenge in itself; if we do it easily we do it on classes we aren’t as good at. Sometimes we say no ghost weapons or no melee or whatever. It gets a little crazy but it’s fun.

  9. One zone sounds challenging but when you only have two people, one zone is actually a lot easier than splitting up. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Animation canceling is how the pros are better than you (than everyone) at every game there is. It’s not just this game, it’s basically all games. It’s not worth complaining about. If you can do it, great, if you can’t or don’t want to, cool, you can still enjoy the game. I don’t MMC but I reload cancel, it’s not a glitch, it’s just an advanced technique.

  11. in terms of accuracy, weightless spirit is a beast! especially for someone with (very) bad aim (like me). it can stunlock even the fastest enemy like purple oni archer from distance, building resolve so fast in the process.

  12. Do you have aim assist on in the accessibility options? Basically with that on, it’s just a lock on and slight pull up before firing to get the headshot.

  13. Lol I also love the headshot noise and I think of it even when I’m not playing. Which probably means I play too much.

  14. @ariel_view you sound like a good teammate to me.. the hunter can definitely take kills if they are shooting from far away.. but people who complain don’t realize the point of the game is to get to the end.. I like playing with good hunters because they can hold their own and even give support from a distance

  15. I love the moments where some poor soul is overwhelmed on a point alone and clearly just rolling around trying not to die waiting for help, and I can ease that burden with an SSB ulti with blessed arrows. Half the enemies are dead, my teammate has some health, and we don’t lose the point :) win for everyone

  16. I got chewed out (along with the other two randoms) the other day in a gold survival for “killing everything too fast with ranged” and not “enjoying the swordplay” 🥲 he eventually left, obviously he was hoping for a different experience but I’m not spending 45 mins in a gold survival to level up some gear so someone can perfect party every enemy in sight.

  17. I've only had GoT for less than a month, I've given up on ever attempting to complete the trials (got through ch1 but that's it) or anything beyond Story, Survival or Rivals. There is so much animosity in trials that it's no longer worth it.

  18. I have been playing a long time but never had a group to learn the trials with and I agree that now although I can find people to do them here or on discord the expectation is that you know exactly what to do and people do the shortcuts and stuff. Which is fine when you are already experienced, but it’s hard to find people who are willing to be patient and let you learn/attempt things without just doing it themselves and letting you tag along. It’s a fine line and I don’t expect pros to just put up with a completely new player for hours while they figure things out, but it’s not really that fun to watch a walkthrough of all the ways to cheese it just to get it done. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. You have to go to the Social tab where you can see the party and then select the option to matchmake there.

  20. I play often but generally mute my mic unless there’s a good reason not to. I’m not against talking to other players though, I kind of love going into a NMS with some randoms who aren’t top tier but are enthusiastic and interested in working together. It’s fun unless someone has really loud noise in the background. I’ve never had anyone be weird when they hear my voice, thankfully. Psn siobhankha, happy to meet other women playing this game

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