What do you think of the FBI raid on Trump?

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  1. That’s fucking disgusting to put your dog shit in someone’s garbage can. I don’t want anything to do with your dogs.

  2. I tried to set up internet in my new apartment, only to have Comcast/XFinity fail to show up during the agreed-upon time window on three separate occasions. And then they had the audacity to claim that they actually did show up and proceeded to charge me for setup and the first month of non-existent WiFi. I took time off work for this shit. I spent literally hours on the phone to try and resolve it (and I hate, hate, HATE talking on phones). I yelled at people (I don’t yell; confrontation makes me panicked and queasy).

  3. Comcast is the worst fucking company I’ve EVER dealt with.

  4. Thank you, this was so cool to see! I wish more people did this!

  5. It was technically her Uncle [by marriage]'s brother I think? But yea, she married him.

  6. Kody’s brother was married to Caleb’s sister.

  7. The plan was to search the facility and call the police. It’s not like the limited staff can just start wandering around in the forest looking for her.

  8. Could they not have called the police and searched the facility at the same time?? Not 90 minutes later.

  9. “By the way, many of them were illegal immigrants from Mexico” Ok?? What’s your point here?

  10. Not me. I prefer summers to be warm and sunny in Seattle. We get enough rain the other 9 months.

  11. Go ahead and throw biden, Harris, pelosi, and AOC in there too lmao

  12. Number one person should be that fascist orange Cheeto

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