1. Does applying tret on a damp skin give better results since it's penetreting deeper into the skin. As in along with the irritation do we get better results?

  2. It's legit, I've used this variant before. Now I've moved on to the red one which is 0.05

  3. 5 nights a week. On the two nights I don't use tret (Wed & Sun), I use a salycilic acid serum.

  4. Does this result in removing flakiness / dead skin? Please tell. I was thinking of using daily gentle peels on Wednesday and Sunday to help with the flakes.

  5. Hey, thanks alot for the advise. And yeah, I'm going to reduce the frequency to every other day, as any longer than that brings my acne back.

  6. Do sandwich method with Derma co hyaluronic and ceremide moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer on the damp skin, let it dry then apply tret and then after a couple of minutes again apply the moisturizer.

  7. I got it from Amazon, seller was Limese. I think limese is legit for such brands.

  8. I usually get hormonal acne. So is it good? I just thought that usually retinol products are kinda expensive and this tretinoin is just for 175/- so maybe it is not good!?

  9. I started with this brand with 0.025 strength, now I use 0.05 of the same brand. It's a pharma brand and a good one at that.

  10. A small pinch of soaked Aliv seeds in warm milk at night before sleeping. Can add nutmeg for additional benefits. One can have it without milk. Just squeeze a little bit lemon juice on the soaked seeds and have it.

  11. For a moment I thought its Phill Dunphy 🤭

  12. NH10 is creepy, chilling and so uncomfortable to watch. It definitely leaves you feeling creepy even after the movie is over. Well done!

  13. Tretinoin/ Salicylic acid/ Aha

  14. I used to use Minimalist Salicylic acid it got over so didn't really use it again. I have been using a pharma Brand's tretinoin 0.05. Over the time it reduced the appearance of Blackheads and now make my nose look shiny/ glowy.

  15. I am starting to not like lotus sunscreen either. After 10 min of applying it my skin starts sweating which i honestly don't know if the reason is my moisturiser cream or skin.

  16. It pils on my skin in 10 minutes, I use it indoors because I can wash it off its piling too much. Even I'm searching for a good affordable sunscreen.

  17. Please suggest me I have oily acne prone skin. Too many options in pharma but I don't know which one to buy

  18. Dupe for Cosrx snail mucin essense?

  19. I know this a not so good styling on her part, but how was this video approved from the Brand's end? (I'm guessing it's partnership video since the hasgtag is mentioned). If the brands are approving the bad styling then the creators will not put much efforts to put together a good look.

  20. My derm prescribed me adapalane but it burnt a part of my cheek. Thankfully the spot has now faded. I tried it again last week specifically for 1 pimple, the same thing happened.( I used to apply and keep it longer like tret. ) My derm suggested me to just apply for 30 minutes and wash it off. So I guess the short contact thing works better. But because of the above incidents I don't see myself reaching for adapalane in future.

  21. Been using the tret cream for a couple of years now, its legit and delivers what it claims.

  22. Kiro liquid lipsticks! They've nailed the formula and how🤌 it sits on the lips comfortably, staying power is good and shades are amazing!!

  23. Unlimited stock of Tretinoin, vitamin c,moisturizer and spf 50

  24. Niacinamide helps in reducing excess sebum production which may reduce the acne occurrence. Vitamin C will even out the skin tone and will help you greatly with acne marks/ hyperpigmentation.

  25. If I have to use only one product for reducing acne spots what would you recommend? Vit c or niacinamide?

  26. Yaar I'm waiting for B1G1 on Dr sheth's, Neemli, etc

  27. Could not connect to her in the video. Stopped watching it half way through. Not a single thought/ sentence was completed in one go. She tried giving her justification for firing her assistant. I'm sure something major must have happened there, but the reasons she tried to give were lame. I wish she goes back to her original type of videos.

  28. We call this 'Brahma Kamal' where I stay and we consider it as an auspicious moment when it blooms. Do a little pooja( prayer/ worship) of the flower when it blooms.

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