1. but where are all the nice align shorts in EU/UK 😭😭😭

  2. I only wear align 6 & 8 and beyond yoga spacedye biker shorts. I prefer the aligns tho :)

  3. being caressed by bf, I could enjoy this FOR HOURS. and water running through my fingers, touching books or flipping through a book

  4. no I think that's sort of the internalised misogynie. these phrases are pretty common, since it should be sort of a "compliment" to be different from "other women". it's just not true, we are all different, no matter the gender. since I started to realise this, learning about misogynie and getting in touch with other feminists I really love other women, but mostly the ones who are ND as well.

  5. If you’re interested in a dupe, the Athleta Farallon are similar I think and in stock.

  6. Oh I have these exact ones! LA side panel short :) love them

  7. ooohhh they look so cute 🥺🥺 hope there will be a restock

  8. I have a dog and didn’t ever wanna wear mine because she jumps on me sometimes and gets muddy. I ended up returning it after never taking the tags off 🥲

  9. lol reminds me of something, I wore the white opal scuba joggers for a walk and randomly a dog (not mine) jumped on me and it was COVERED in mud. I washed them immediately and they looked like new!

  10. HAHAHA love your back fat reduction comment 😂😂 mmd

  11. I read that they miscalculated the mg/person number (1/3 too high) BUT IT DIDN'T EVEN MATTER, still be4 amsterdam 😭

  12. Hi! This is random but I can’t find it anywhere, do you know the inseam of the relaxed hr jogger? Thanks

  13. no and I don't even have anything here to measure it, sorry! if it helps I usually wear the 25" as full length, my height is 5'4" and I have longer legs/short torso

  14. I only have one and I don't really wear them they're not made for me. I like the material though 🥲

  15. I actually only got two (blocked promptly) but no others!

  16. now they're away from the porn thing and post that it must be a fetish for exposing your anus in public HAHA omg at first I got angry but now I find it kinda funny. never have I seen an anus even through the most sheer leggings I ever saw! you see skin and underwear, that's it.

  17. You know my anus isn’t even in the photo, right? LMFAO

  18. that's what I mean! I'm on your side sorry if my text was misleading, english isn't my first language. I'm talking about the other comments where people talk about porn and a fetish thing when in reality you NEVER SEE anything more than underwear and skin even in the sheerest of leggings.

  19. I loved the front view and hated the back view. sadly on the photos you always see the front which is more flattering in my opinion.

  20. I mean there are plenty of things posted here that I personally don’t find relevant. But I’m not on a power trip downvoting posts that don’t interest me, and the whole “relevant” thing is very subjective. What you find relevant another person may not. If you don’t like it just keep scrolling. I was sharing something that I thought was cool, and I don’t think it deserves that kind of response.

  21. I agree, the downvoters suck. just ignore it and don't upvote if you don't like it 🙄

  22. This is actually super helpful and I’m sorry you got downvoted, that’s so wrong. I upvoted you to balance out the haters.

  23. haha you're cute thank you 🖤 I don't own xs/s as I don't feel comfortable wearing it but I saw someone already posted it :)

  24. lol yep same here, i used to post here a lot but i feel like everyone got really rude and judgmental. Yesterday i asked for a WMTM scuba link on the megathread and got yelled at and downvoted that it’s not in canada (how was i supposed to know that when things were being uploaded that very moment) and was told to pay attention by a member. I don’t post literally anything here anymore. Ty for posting this though I appreciate it!! as someone who was also wondering this

  25. yesss! it's like they are so keen on getting only the "important" information on wmtm threads that they forget that behind every comment is a real human being with feelings. sooo toxic fr!

  26. Fantastic question, I’d love to know the answer lol.

  27. because people here hate it when other people are happy with their decisions it seems. I don't get the negative comments here you already cut them where is the point in commenting now that it was better before? 🙄

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