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  1. I have to keep telling myself I don’t need any more palettes too. I wear the same shades of biting neutrals regularly 😆 love the variety you have here!

  2. Umm that needs a refund, not $12 credit! What goes through their heads sometimes?

  3. Did you find an alternative? I’m searching too and can’t believe that they discontinued this concealer, I love it so much :( I was in the shade 04 light neutral.

  4. Not yet. Still savoring my last bit of my current tube 😭 I’m planning on trying the Bobbi Brown stick concealer next since I love the stick corrector. Or possibly one from Tarte. The Bareminerals is my favorite everyday concealer. I hope they are just reformulating it like they did their pressed powder foundation 🤷‍♀️

  5. Favorite products: KVD Honeysuckle Blush and Wander Beauty Lip Oil Least favorite choice: Tynt Setting Spray I can always use more brushes, and I’ve had good luck with Pur palettes in the past. Only thing I was bummed about is having to get the FAB Moisturizer in add ons because it wasn’t a choice.

  6. FAB is a surprisingly great brand, I think you'll end up loving the moisturizer! So glad you like the bag!

  7. I got it in a sun box in the past and my skin loved it. I’ve had great luck with everything I’ve tried from FAB. I still need to try the toner I got earlier this year in a GBX.

  8. Do you guys ever think that an employee just said “eff this sh**” and throws random crap in a box for shipment before quitting?

  9. We put a bowl out because both my husband and I wanted to walk around with our daughter. I put a sign that said “please take 2” and was honestly shocked to come back to a couple pieces left. In years past, the bowl was empty and I assumed some dumbass like this came by. People suck. What grown adult would ruin it for children?!

  10. I’m so glad my daughter is a hard sleeper 😅

  11. I just got a boxycharm for the first time because I saw they were doing the tarte collaboration. I gotta say, that box really felt like a great value, even though I didn’t get to choose the products. Tempted by this, too, even though I really don’t need it.

  12. I got the Tarte Boxycharm too. Was hoping that would satisfy my want for more, but I’m still tempted to get one of these kits too. Tarte is my favorite.

  13. I don’t use mine enough. I think this is my sign to pull mine out. It really is perfection. Isn’t it exciting to find something that works so well? 🥰

  14. You’re probably right. The chance of it being my shade is super slim.

  15. Glycolic acid is pregnancy safe. I’ve been using the Saturday skin toner and love it.

  16. Is it! The ordinary one isn’t safe :( so I assumed it wasn’t. Thank you!

  17. Where are you getting info that The Ordinary isn’t safe? I don’t see anything that stands out in the ingredients.

  18. Oh gosh. Reminds me of an ex that would tell me to “stop being such a f***ing baby” when I would cry. He was obviously a terrible person.

  19. I got the "you're being a baby" comment as, you're just an asshole who made me cry

  20. When they try to convince you that you’re the crazy one. I’m so glad he ended up cheating on me so I could truly realize the narcissist that he was.

  21. How’s the Smashbox formula? Is it longwearing?

  22. I received the same email to resubscribe for the Tarte box. It says "pick 2 items of your Choise" that correct or is not possible to chose them anymore?

  23. Hmmm my email didn’t say anything about choosing. I’m fairly certain they would choose for you at this point, as choice was a couple weeks ago.

  24. I think the chances of getting a Tarte box this month are way better than the ND palette.

  25. For sure. I know Tarte isn’t as popular as Natasha Denona.

  26. Which Rare Beauty blush is your favorite for everyday looks?

  27. Oh gosh this is right up my alley. Adding some of these to my wishlist 😍

  28. Have you tried the Fenty Eaze Drops? Not totally the same formula but has all the qualities you’re looking for.

  29. I think this is my sign to depot mine. I’ve been debating. I only use about half of the palette. Great job!

  30. Everything is a cash grab anymore 🙄

  31. I chatted with BoxyBot last night and ended with "I'll contact my credit card company." This morning I received a message that my order from exactly a month ago has been shipped. Coincidence? That might have been my last order.

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