1. Wait is it two months for $2000 and animal sitting or is it $4000 over two months? The first one isn’t so bad though probably wouldn’t be worth it regardless if they expect you to move back out at the end. Moving is miserable.

  2. Looks like $2000 total so $1000 a month. Even still, with the expectation of taking care of (multiple!) pets and the house, I’d still want to be paid.

  3. This is actually a really good deal. Houses for rent by me (by the water) range from $1000-$10,000 a week during the summer.

  4. Head to Etsy. Loads of sellers make inserts on quality paper that will fit your FC.

  5. Accounts less than 4 months old cant adopt painted/statted pets.

  6. Okay, that's what I thought. But I just tried again and was able to adopt a Skunk Xweetok. So now I'm confused haha

  7. It's actually a bit weird - accounts under 4 months can adopt a short list of colors, including skunk, but most painted pets don't show up. Scroll down to "Adopt Pets"

  8. I submitted a ticket to recover an old account since I don’t recall the birthday I used. It’s been open since April 25th. Any advice?

  9. My tip is to just browse for a long time. I browse the pound in a different tab while my Reddit pages are loading.

  10. Nah, it was a really bright upbeat song, and I think a bit older than that. But thank you anyways!

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