1. For Seraphic Gate, I completed it in 54 minutes, roughly an hour is needed including checking and customizing your skills.

  2. Can you play after turning everything on? I remember that you can't exit that screen if your CP exceeded the limit.

  3. Yes. It's the most powerful one.

  4. I see, I was able to get 1 and 2. And enjoy seeing the animation attack differences. What does she do in the final tier?

  5. Similar to 1 & 2 but she uses different weapons to attack.

  6. I tested on Fenrir and the skill took her 70% of hp. Really insane.

  7. Sadly there's no NG+. Time attack mode looks challenging, but it's annoying that you need to check what skills you can use in each level.

  8. 8th November in Japan. I think it's the same for global.

  9. Enemies won't attack if you don't 'look' at them.

  10. Always save the game manually and use 'load game' in the title screen. This is a stupid design that you can't abort a mission if you failed.

  11. The combat and sound of this game are fine. I'm really enjoyed the visual effects when you perform perfect dodge/ block/ counter successfully. But other than that, this game is below average.

  12. No. You can buy the digital version or physical ps4 version instead to get '2' games.

  13. Hold the guard button or use chain to cancel part of the animation.

  14. The full game isn't out yet. Based on the information released, there are 4 types of weapon I've seen: One hand sword, rapier, spear and double-blade like spear.

  15. You should use the fire ult with this setup. One shot can kill a purple oni archer.

  16. Everyone is using exploits without realising it. Even the ones claiming not to use MMC or kick disciples will be seen in their videos fighting at the edges or leaving the circle temporarily to exploit the AI knowing it will avoid pursuing you. I don't have an issue with people using exploits, I just want to point out that there are people calling others out are using exploits themselves and do not even realise it. If you have an issue with an exploit it makes more sense to raise these issues with the developers than try to shame players for enjoying a game.

  17. Couldn't agree more. Some videos claiming no animation cancels or exploits are just a joke. They are seen cancelling an attack by rolling or using AI exploits as you described. They have self righteous ideals on what counts or not and shame other players for not following their standards.

  18. Definitely a mechanic, maybe an exploit. Melee attack cancelling benefits moves like sprint attack and dodge attack, but moon master spinning combo is the one benefits the most from. The reason is that the spin has many special properties all other normal melee attacks do not have, including super armor, knockback effect (guarantee a follow-up attack), AOE, extremely short start-up. Even if you don't mmc, the spinning combo itself seems to break the combat system. With cancels the advantage is even more. I don't know why SP designs such a unique melee attack.

  19. Nice work! Don't listen to people dishonoring your achievement. I also visit other GOT forums from Japan/ Taiwan, only Reddit cry about mmc.

  20. I don’t know why MMC is always the focus of exploit debates and NEVER does hunter reload cancel get mentioned. But yet a hunter will spam reload cancel 3 or 4 times with SSB and then wipe an entire crowd with Ult, all while I’m chasing enemies around in circles getting smashed in the face trying to MMC. MMC does not break the game. Hunters do.

  21. Don't tell the truth, man. MMC has a weird animation while hunters crouching and doing reload cancel is very beautiful.

  22. Really cool that there are players you've never heard of playing at high level.

  23. Great crowd control and a truly big achievement. I’m just thinking, with the Disciples out of the picture, isn’t it technically a plat6 achievement? Taking disciples into consideration for the timing of your every move and ghost weapon usage, adds a significant complication to the whole soloing game 😌

  24. Yes it's technically a plat6 run because shared wounds have no effect.

  25. Play assassin and pray to RNG.

  26. One of the best samurai builds imo.

  27. I think it could be more punishing if your rivals are down, like losing 10 points of their progress. Also, I hope you can control hwachas to hit your rivals directly (similar to the single player game) to make the game more like a 'pvp' mode.

  28. I guess you have GWD in slot 2 so it's not avaliable in slot 1. To get both GWD and oni damage on one charm, you must get GWD in slot 1 and oni damage in slot 2.

  29. Our group made it to wave 15 with only 2 enemies left and one of us got killed by double wacha while swinging in the air from Camp to Outpost. The worst feeling ever…this game can be unfair at times

  30. Even a single hwacha can kill you at full health, if you are unlucky.

  31. I mean it does work faster but personally I feel like you miss out on the combat of this game which is, for me, the best part of the game. But also I’m not a COD guy who tracks his kill count so to each their own

  32. No, you still have to know the combat mechanics of the game and the enemies you can't use mmc with. People who 'mmc everything' are just bad users.

  33. I think the amount of healing should be the same as that of hunter's blessed arrows to be fair. That can make samurai be a more supporting character.

  34. Not sure why you choose those 2 legendaries. You don't need BOLC because bombs can give you lots of resolve. The charm is just not good at all.

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