1. An old man fucked a teenager is rhe whole plot

  2. A universe that big for sure must have copies of us. Where planets formed just at the right position with the same sized star, same gravity, same conditions. The probability of that happening is mind blowing but the universe is so massive that it could possibly happen.

  3. Exactly and if it is indeed infinite then the chance is 100% for anything that has a non zero probability of happening. That is to say everything that can be is not only once but an infinite number of times. So based on current physics and measurements this seems to be the case. Until we have better physics or measurements that say otherwise it's our best bet. Of course reality may very well be infinite even if this singular physical universe isn't aka infinite finite or even other infinite universes essentially getting us back to the same situation but expanding the set of things with a nonzero possibility since this other universes may have different fundamental constants and properties.

  4. Eitherway YOU in this reality will cease to exist and there is no way you transform to something else. Your atoms will meet the heat death of the universe where nothingness will happen for way longer than the universe was alive. You and all your other copies too.

  5. Good wraparound. So far as we know, yes this seems to be the case. Of course the strangest option is that what we know now is complete and accurate. Good old epistemology.

  6. Considering this script seemed like it was written by an AI that was asked to write an interracial romcom that’s appropriate.

  7. Can confirm, the interracial tension seemed super fake particularly for the SoCal area. Only people I've seen behave that way are first gen Americans and their parents are foreigners from a conservative and homogeneous location.

  8. Personal experience, can confirm. Even in a long term relationship it's definitely not a turn on and even though it might help a lot you definitely ain't getting any

  9. We are all slaves to capitalism and the kings are those who print the money.

  10. Animated version, closeups, and alternate renderings on my other platform. See reddit profile.

  11. Was about to say that it looked like Conway's game of life. Rip J.C. Dig the style, more people should know about CA and basic algorithms.

  12. Hey we have technology to free humanity from labor, nah fuck that work monkey! Work!

  13. I used to work in a factory years ago and the damn management bought two robot arms to replace 3 shifts of 2 positions on the assembly line.

  14. I think what they really mean is "it's our AI and we use it's full potential for us and not you because that would be fair"

  15. Subjective but get a well earning major and minor in something else, work for a year or two in the field then pivot to something like being an artist, poet, chef, and so on. If it doesn't work out then you have a fallback.

  16. Western smartphones are already spyware so I can't imagine how intense Chinese phones are. Open source and free software ftw. You can have a much more private and secure phone, just gotta give up some convenance. The data overlords are rightfully assuming we won't. Irony is if enough of us did then the convenance would come back due to a large enough user base.

  17. Something along the lines of if there's an afterlife or if any religion was true.

  18. Lol right, imagine it's an essentially abandoned one. I guess being specific like asking if it was one of the top 5 most popular would narrow it down a bit. If only we could ask more than one question.

  19. The extremely serious possibility of a biosphere collapse which would be apocalyptic. We're in a mass extinction event now and it's one of those things that's slow brick by brick until the whole thing immediately gives.

  20. More so the collective actions not people who don't really care about the outcome of their behavior so long as they get what they want. Aka I don't care my phone was produced with slave labor I just want it to be good quality and cheap. I don't care the biosphere is collapsing I don't want to change my life or vote differently whatsoever.

  21. Manipulation and being an egomaniac, both key features in being a memorable politician.

  22. How specific do I have to be? Like genre specific like Mexican or item specific like burritos.

  23. Maybe but all your stats and exp reset in a new character. That is until you achieve the main quest.

  24. At a kink munch displaying different hard skills, types of play, proper protocols. Actually one of the better meet ups in that community. Like a smorgasbord of everything kink. Saw someone cute, walked up and told them so and ended up dating for two years. Still really good friends.

  25. Old thread but you can use qdbus in a custom script:

  26. Stealing from this you can run this to add a next virtual desktop with the name of its position aka if you have two desktops then it'll create the third desktop named 3

  27. Actually an extremely dangerous thing to do. Knocking someone bout much less for more than a few seconds is essentially guaranteed damage. The real world ain't lik movies and shows.

  28. Someone was feeling good and like they didn't need their meds anymore.

  29. Destroying the planet, poisoning the planet for profit. Also funding politicians, media, and counter science to cover everything up.

  30. I'm a fan of the andy milonakis / Chapelle / Eric Andre show.

  31. Literally that's just how they respond to anything. Automatically say no then give their actual response, it's like an "um".

  32. She won't go skinny dipping 😒 coz she's insecure

  33. That's a good reason. I didn't get nude the first time I went to the local nude beach.

  34. One time the other person joined in. Most other times just boring quickly closed doors.

  35. Yet, all AI seems to do these days is accelerate Capitalism.

  36. Tbh the field is extremely young. It's like complaining that you have to hand crank all the cars so they are a waste.

  37. Make everyone else also absolute rules of the world so the position becomes functionally meaningless.

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