1. I'd give him some moisturiser, steroid creams and prepare an oat bath for him 🥰

  2. Milton Mamet but I guess they can only have one geeky guy at a time and had to kill him before Eugene came on the scene.

  3. Milton and Eugene together would be like sokolov and pierro from Dishonored

  4. Hahahaha their mom is gonna be so mad! ROFL MOMENT INDEED

  5. But nah, you can't do it back to them!

  6. As a tank main it's when my dps are yelling at eachother and I have to pick up the slack. God bless healers that keep me going

  7. As a support main, I just switch to baptiste and start blasting

  8. I mean it's a game, you gotta have some kind of progression.

  9. Stuff like this takes me out of it. It feels like I'm watching a TV show instead of a video game. Ruins the TV show for me. 0/10

  10. Woody Harrelson. Sexy as hell in The Cowboy Way, and reconfirmed sexy in Zombie Land.

  11. He's hot af in breaking bad, especially season 1

  12. Emma is good, but Milly was incredible. I'm with you in that she is the best version of Rhaenyra we've gotten so far.

  13. Milly was great, but when Emma is on screen she doesn't even seem to be acting. She just feels way more natural in the role to me, like she IS rhaenyra. Obviously she has more acting experience though

  14. Looks just like my Hector. Mustache and all 🥰

  15. But not chunkier when he would have been underfed working as a slave

  16. Todd shared his stash with Jesse because they were best friends 🥰

  17. Because then you'd be giving an awful lot of cc and zone denial to a DPS character

  18. Make him like bb8 in battlefront 2. Or just get rid of the mech and make him a tiny hampster DPS who can crawl about

  19. I like the suit but you're allowed to dislike her style lmao

  20. Betas kinda drippy. Clothes could use a wash though

  21. Combat medic bap gang. Every time I've found another combat medic bap, we always get along lol

  22. Just scar. I was a weird kid, I was happy when mufasa died lol. Nowadays mufasas death breaks my heart though

  23. i’ll never understand the fake meat industry.

  24. Bro I don't think we are made to eat pufferfish either but apparently it tastes great

  25. How about cold takis and a hot beer, on a hot summer night?

  26. My nomad V after wrecking the parade and seeing Gillean Jordan trying to report the said wrecking

  27. Glenn leaves Maggie for Negan.. they move to San Francisco.

  28. Or they could move to Gotham to raise Ben Affleck

  29. A bunch of a "certain side" of US political parties thought the song applied to them. The lead singer clarified its not.

  30. Reminds me of when linkin park issued a cease and desist against Donald trump

  31. Why bother, just let it flop around like Dr. Manhattan

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