1. Trade Bobby McCain and Antonio gibson or jd

  2. I don’t think we should have a cheerleader after that thing happened

  3. I like the bengals so much Im rooting for the eagles

  4. I’d rather be a playoff team then beat a good team every year and get like one week of hype for our team and then we miss the playiffs

  5. What were they saying I wasn’t on here when it was happening

  6. That is such a lame announcer 💀💀

  7. This would be hella op in a cfm because speed rushers are so op this year

  8. I'm very impressed with what we saw, considering he didn't get ANY first team reps until this week and only backup reps for a few weeks.

  9. That one pick wasn’t that bad the defender made a good play and he didn’t throw it that high

  10. Add a please at the end it always works for me

  11. Lighting made me think it was literally shit

  12. Please do not change it back to the slur it was

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