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  1. I have a dick, 3 kids and a great sex life. How could it be detrimental or cause me stress? Seems like you're just looking for people to support your opinion that it's bad to get circumcised.

  2. I think most men you'll find replying to these posts are port addicted like I used to be and only look for the quick high and then turn on you when you don't follow through. They think you're just as easy as the women they see in the videos and should want to jump right into things with them because they mistakenly think they're worthy of it. Too many men give the rest of us a bad name. I'm just as horny and into sexting as anyone, but damn, I want a connection of some kind first, I want to hear about your bad day and your dreams for the future and who you are before I decide I want anything.

  3. I feel the same way. I'm 49, never bought a house, and am looking at retirement and now I'll have to rent until I die. Wife and I at some point in the next couple of months will start to bring home about $105,000 a year together, so we could easily-ish pay off our $48k in cars and cards, and save a lot for a down payment (we're in the house we're going to buy, long story), but I've been feeling like a loser recently for not making good decisions and owning a home a lot sooner.

  4. Renting does give you flexibility, etc. What's most important is that you and your wife are happy and healthy for many more years! Net worth is all good as well, but you can't buy good health or happiness with money. Most of the time anyway...

  5. I agree. And thanks for that. I'm just worried about retirement, we've got no 401(k), no savings, I do have two small retirements though, 1 union and 20 years National Guard. Not enough to live on, and that's where the house comes in. I want it paid off by the time I'm 60, and I'd love to have a couple of rentals.

  6. I neighbor when I was in 6th grade. I didn't know what I was doing, and I didn't know what came out of me, but I knew it felt good! lol My imagination only got me to kissing but it worked.

  7. I don't mind because I'm shooting blanks and can't get her pregnant, but if I was younger and didn't want kids and she did that, I would freak out and get a little pissed.

  8. My mouth dropped open and I started salivating, eyes bulging. Amazing.

  9. Every time I see this question I have a different fantasy. Right now my fantasy would be to sleep in past 5AM.

  10. I get up and get the towel for her, I've only cleaned her up once. She does a better job she said.

  11. GF and I were both 17, just got back to her place about 10:30 after a high school dance. Parked in the driveway in front of the garage, out in the country. She was wearing a knee length black dress. Laid her on her back on the hood of my crappy Toyota, pulled off (and kept) her lacy black panties, and we had sex until her 11PM curfew. Outdoor lights were shining on us, her parents could have come out at any moment. I fucked her in a lot more public places, but that was a fun one.

  12. Wow. Would have been way safer just to pull off down the road somewhere haha

  13. There was a pull off at the beginning of her long driveway, we'd used that before. In front of the garage it just started out as a goodbye make-out session and of course moved on from there. I still like risky sex and getting the thrill of getting caught.

  14. It looks like you posted 2 years ago, disappeared for a year and posted that you're alive, then disappeared for a year, then posted the same thing again. Not sure how I got you on my front page, but why the long breaks?

  15. It's 6:25AM, wife won't be up for a couple hours and I'm reading a book and browsing here. Yeah, bored.

  16. Nope, had an 18 year old gf for a while, she was only 26 years younger than me. I miss her.

  17. I had an affair for a few months with a coworker, sometimes she would work swing shift and I would get a text in the evening: "I'm on break". We could chat for a few minutes if I was alone. I miss the excitement of waiting for that text. I miss her. But I realize I miss the illicit part of it, the wrongness of cheating on my spouse. We've had sex twice this weekend already, but yet I still find myself thinking about this other woman, her tight body, small breasts, her joy at seeing me, sneaking off to kiss and hug in the supply closet at work, or meeting up when our lunches coincided. I wasn't cheating because I was missing out at home, I cheated because it was fun.

  18. Stop paying so much god damned attention to women. Then work, save and invest.

  19. TIL that it's ok to be in a happy marriage and just want an expanded sex life, and that the opportunity is out there.

  20. I think this about women I see out and about. If I walked up and talked to one of them would I end up talking to someone who is a good girl and doesn't have bad thoughts, or would I end up talking to a woman who is as horny and willing as I am? Then I try to make up stories in my head about what they like and what they are missing.

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