1. Yeah man I have my fattys and might never go back. 2 2021 Fatboys, Framed Montana full squish, and a Framed Minni for the kiddo. Still trying to get used to the full squish and loving it.

  2. Looks awesome! Love the hard scape design. Where is the fire bowl from?

  3. Bumblebees die off / move on by winter. So if they aren’t in the way, I’d just leave them. They’ll be gone in a few weeks.

  4. Ok thanks. We’ll keep an eye on it and hope they move on their own during the cold months.

  5. How does the medium fit for you and your height/weight? I’m 5’9” with sneakers, 200lbs and wonder if a Large is a better fit for me than a medium.

  6. Not sure why this is happening. Only the half of the trees on the tree are like this. The ones down by my house. This has been happening for a few years. I will seek an arborist but wanted to run this by the great folks here first.

  7. Accident/construction on major road in Massachusetts causing delay. There’s traffic in this god forsaken state every day of the week at almost Any time of day.

  8. Big crash. Traffic started moving at 23:10. Be safe out there. Please merge safely.

  9. Same same. I took over 3 years ago and never looked back. Saved myself $2k a year and learned a lot from it. Your pool looks awesome!

  10. Look at how May pods you’re getting. 9 cases vs 3 for the Omnipod 5. Not sure why you would need less pods with the 5 for the same 90days.

  11. Just stay outta the passing lane if you’re not passing. Simple as that.

  12. Agreed. They shipped me a new chainsaw when mine stopped running within a year. Process is super simple. Good luck with your new battery.

  13. Also sounds like they fail fast lol. I have so many newer DeWalt products that failed quickly.

  14. I have had success with yellow. This was the first tool out of many (30+) I had fail on me. Hope it stays that way.

  15. We have Ocean State Job Lots that sell 12.5% gallons for $5. It was just $2.50 2 years ago.

  16. Obviously he can drive out of any situation. Spare tire or not. Just put it on camera, you’ll see.

  17. Do you have a bracket or harness attached to the camera? Usually that causes heat issues (turns off for being too hot) for me. I now only attach via the 1/4 camera attachment at the bottom. I record 1hr+ at 4k60fps without heat issues.

  18. Dumb question, are you saying Emerson owns all these brands, not just Rigid, Greenlee, etc?

  19. I put an ad on Autotrader for $50 and got a ton of interest. My JLUR18 sold for more than what Carvana and others offered. You have to be patient with the inquiries though…I assume the same experience for FB, Craigslist, etc…

  20. I’ve had no issues for many years until 4-5 years ago. Then I started breaking out. Everywhere. I have so many spots on my triceps, calves, thighs, belly…Interestingly the latest pods (same Dash model but in the light green boxes) stopped being so irritating. Thank goodness cause I’m running out of real estate. Nothing helped. Second skin, pre wipes, post spray…I hope the new pods stay the way it is so I don’t have to suffer. 🙏🏼

  21. They are neat for sure, but dropping $60k minimum on a Hybrid Jeep for better mileage just seems silly.

  22. Honestly thought the same but I got one and the driving dynamics is so different (in a good way) and with the 7500 credit, the cost washes out. Now we can ride around town without noise or gas needed. Didn’t imagine myself here a year ago for sure.

  23. Unless you pay cash, or lowering your car payment, the monthly payments are outrageous on these things, and even in this market wouldn’t offset the cost of fuel for most people for the length of their loans. And most people buying new don’t keep their vehicles past the length of the loan.

  24. Minor details ;-) But all good points. For me, it worked out. I was getting a JLUR regardless, but I took the credit as a cap reduction on top of the 4% under invoice price. Lowered my monthly to about the same as the 2018 JLUR I come from. I thought it was a good way to transition to an EV hybrid. Now I have to see how much I can save on gas. But at this point, the way it drives, speed & smooth road demeanor(less bumpy than ‘18) has me smiling every time I drive it. Worth it to me.

  25. artificial grass and some bushes/trees/ornamental grasses for screening...? There is a lot of "stuff" there.

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