1. Wow I feel all of this. And it's comforting that there are so many people in the same boat in the replies. I miss the days of waking up and not having all this stuff on my mind 24/7.

  2. I took a small dose for a while. Not sure it impacted my anxiety but omg it immediately gave me very vivid dreams every single night.

  3. Byredo Blanche! I love it so much. Sounds weird but it just smells of really clean skin under fresh sheets. Very comforting.

  4. I have this problem but my doctor takes my BP a few times and each time the number goes down so it's safe to say it's just anxiety. Someone on here suggested to practice at home and not even look at the result the first few times. Just to get accustomed to the routine and sensation. Then you can do it again and look at the numbers.

  5. Valentino Born In Roma Coral Fantasy - the kiwi note just makes me think of summer and holidays, it's a perfume that doesn't take itself too seriously

  6. Hello same thing . Do u also get pressure on the head

  7. Yeah not all the time but often if I've been using screens too much or not getting enough sleep I'll feel pressure

  8. Good luck! Just try to see her as a regular person without putting her on a pedestal because that's when things start to go wrong. Worst case scenario is that she says no thanks, maybe because of her bad history of dating coworkers, and you carry on with your life. But maybe she'll say yes, only one way to find out.

  9. I've noticed this sometimes, though I wonder if it's just the cold air hitting my skin through an open window so it's just a coincidence. But I've read there's a link between goosebumps and stress because animals get goosebumps when threatened so that their hair stands on end and makes them look larger and more imposing. That might be wrong tho lol.

  10. I found a bump inside my joint of my middle finger of my left hand, the joint that connects to the palm of my hand. Don’t know what it’s called. It’s pea sized at most.

  11. I have the exact same thing. Doctor told me it's fine and encouraged me to massage it but it kinda freaks me out to touch it sometimes.

  12. That's what confuses me too. I find it hard to imagine the dog wouldn't have jumped into the water after her but I guess it's possible.

  13. As I already said in another reply, I remember reading that Willow liked the water and there may even be photos of Willow swimming but I can't fully remember or validate the source, hence why I said it's possible he/she didn't follow her into the water.

  14. Yes yes yes! My eyes feel sensitive to light, like I can't handle looking at too many things or can't focus fully, it's weird. It almost feels like I'm seeing the world through a slightly fuzzy or muted filter, kinda like derealisation. Logically I know I look at screens all day and probably have eye strain from it, but it's hard to fully believe.

  15. I take a tiny bit rarely but when I do it does the job pretty perfectly. Start with a low dose if you’re worried about it, that’s what I did.

  16. This happens to me too, I just assume it’s the fact that you’re engaging muscles that aren’t used to it so it makes sense you’ll be a little sore.

  17. Old post but im trying to figure out if i just had a panic attack and the best description i have is that i kept feeling a sense of impending doom, like i was staring into an abyss and knew that i had to fight to keep going into it. Heart and breath racing, almost adrenaline feeling. I was able to distract myself and keep from being swallowed up by being around my boyfriend but any time i let my guard down or left the room he was in id be right back at the edge of the abyss. Im thinking maybe i just got close to having a panic attack but avoided a full blown one? Either way it was terrible and a wake up call to talk ti someone about my increasing anxiety

  18. Sorry you had to go through that but yeah I think you were probably in a state of being constantly on the edge of a panic attack. I’ve experienced that too and it’s so exhausting just trying to keep yourself together.

  19. I guess in an actual emergency you’re too focused to feel all those weird side effects. The main effects of increased heart rate are actually useful to help you fight or flee but when there’s no threat you just feel strange because you’re paying attention to the side effects that normally you wouldn’t notice in an actual life or death situation. I don’t know if I explained that very well lol.

  20. Yeah I get these! They’re so intense and so sudden, they leave me feeling weird for ages afterwards. It’s like the centre of my forehead feels strange.

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