Canada Will Impose a New Tax on Private Jets, Yachts and Luxury Cars

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  1. somebody did a full EV conversion using junkyard Tesla parts on a 1985 Yugo(also a rust bucket from the junkyard). It managed to do 0-100km/h(62mph) in 2.7 seconds....

  2. I just want to know what happened before she did this. I am a physician and I see my RN colleagues struggling. I want to know what this was. We must learn without prejudice in order to act efficiently in preventing further events.

  3. somehow, my first thought upon seeing the crash video was the Germanwings crash... :( one suicidal co-pilot decided to take over 100 passengers with him and crashed into the Alps. :(

  4. one of my former girlfriends was a registered nurse who happened to be 10 years older than me at the time. she was great, but I did not really enjoy being judged when we were in bed together. she not only judged my physical performance, she also psychoanalyzed what I was thinking sexually while in bed...

  5. Out of curiosity, are you having any problems with drainage/standing water?

  6. none that I could detect. (either the plumbing inside the house or out in the yard)

  7. I grew up about 2 miles from the Pentagon. We always knew that if nukes were falling, we would have been the lucky ones.(gone in a matter of milliseconds and not having the suffer the aftermath)

  8. Haha I live in Boston and I honestly hope for the same, if the nukes start falling the world is gonna get a lot scarier, better to quit at the good part

  9. on September 11, I felt the vibration and heard the crash of the plane crashing into the Pentagon.

  10. At some point they do loose effectiveness. Thats why cars fail emissions test when they didnt go catless on older cars .. ofc there are some alternatives but yea .. catalytic converters can ‘burn out’ .. the exhaust gas will still go out through the rear .. if ur at a stop sign or traffic light you might have a somewhat unpleasant smell .. if there is no emissions test / check in your area and dont care about the smell then i dont see a reason to replace them

  11. yeah, I just realized that my state stopped doing annual emissions testings 6 years ago.(for my county and the counties surrounding me)

  12. As long as you pass the emissions testing then your within the law.

  13. I knew I shouldn't have gone down this rabbit hole.

  14. I've been thinking about getting a couple of rain barrels. The cheapest I could find was $58 for a 55-gallon rain barrels. (watched too many episodes of "This Old House" where they installed rain barrels?)

  15. trust me, you don't want that, for whatever reason.

  16. no... that was when I was on the verge of having a gambling problem....

  17. just ordered my Golfstream V last week.... I assume that the new tax won't affect me? or is it based on the actual delivery date?

  18. Does it struggle powerwise with mowing? That's the biggest drawback I've heard about 18/20V lawnmowers that use the drill batteries. apparantly 40V (or more) is what people recommend for gas-like power while mowing. I'm really tempted by this dual 18V product, so that I can stay with only one battery style and charger in the house for all the cordless power tools.

  19. . but when I was looking for Ryobi mowers, I decided on the 18-volt Whisper series one. It uses two 18-volt batteries simultaneously. I assume that it means the thing is powered at 36-volt.(18-volt x 2) that makes it only a little less powerful than a 40-volt mower.(but if I'm wrong, someone please correct me)

  20. a family member worked part-time in a Japanese restaurant during college. she and other waitresses sometimes got $0 tip from certain customers. their excuse was "we are ---------, so we don't tip" :( the restaurant owner/manager were d-----bags and only paid them the minimum, which was just a couple of bucks. The only exception were elderly couples and people on dates... according to her, they always tipped well.

  21. Pretty high. An assassination of a diplomat is seen as a declaration of war, and a waving flag that says "do not trust me to not kill peace negotiators" at the same time. No sane nation, especially not China, who has major economic ties to the US, would do that over just disputed territory, especially not if their military is about a generation behind US military, like the Chinese is.

  22. true... but it only takes one Chinese fighter pilot or his commander who drank too much communist party Kool-Aid to fire one missile.... he may truly the party line that Nancy Pelosi's US Air Force jet flying into Taiwan as an invasion and pull the trigger.

  23. Why aren't you bundling? Flo would be disappointed

  24. Not obligated, but definitely a good idea to update them. And yes, exactly, confirm that your policy contract corresponds to your living situation. As others have pointed out, insurance companies will always, always try to deny your claim to keep profit margins high, so don't give them any reasons to do so. That reminds me I have to update my policy that says I don't have a finished basement... Or a dog...

  25. which reminds me... need to look into flood insurance. all of the local agents that I talked to said "you don't need it at that address"

  26. Corn Pops have been ruined. They're so much worse than they were when I was a kid. It was my favorite cereal too.

  27. wait, which one? The good Canadian version? Or the US version? :)

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