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  1. The method used here is clearly working since where there was once a pot of milk, there is now a pot of yogurt.

  2. Oh, ok. So today you learned how yogurt should not look. I've been eating yogurt do more than 30 years, so I bet I am more competent than you. What is pictured here is far from what real yogurt looks like.

  3. Well. You're probably fun at parties, aren't you?

  4. It was a defective firework. If it were me, I just wouldn’t have all fireworks right there in a pile. And keep a working hose nearby and a bucket of water. I mean these are things you should always do when setting off fireworks.

  5. A hose would not put out most of the fireworks.

  6. Hose would be for any fires left afterwards if there was a mishap.

  7. For so long I was looking at the shadow and couldn't see the big orange cone! :D

  8. Final product was already visible at 3.33... No need for that grand dragged the fu©k out reveal...

  9. This is his style. I blocked this guys' videos where I saw them.

  10. I'm in this exact situation now. The Velux window solutions seem very iffy to me and the eaves are full of stuff I'm storing, so I don't think I could vent into them safely.

  11. The chimney seems like a perfect solution.

  12. Neither did ballers, slipstreams, helicopters, or the infinity sword, epic does this shit a lot now that I think of it

  13. did* , they toned it down a lot

  14. I am using flat screens. I thought about buying a small water bubbler mouth piece. But i don't know if I can trust the bubbler connected to an electric device. And i suppose you can't turn the bubbler upside down or in your pocket. Can you? I have a bong but i don't really like using my vaporizer with a bong. I like to vape casually while doing things

  15. Look im not a fan of the new thing either. But I also unlocked Vader at level 90 so I kinda like that

  16. This doesn't sound right with me, I literally had to unlock all but 1 reward from the previous pages. I managed to unlock him at lvl 98 or 99. Only managed to leave one unclaimed reward for 8 BP stars

  17. Get your cap hotter if you want bigger hits. Heat lower on the cap with a single flame torch. The longer you heat soak the cap the bigger your hit will be. So heat low and slow. Should be about 25-30 seconds of heat up. My dyna hits harder than my mighty when my technique is on point.

  18. this, single flame + heating where the short part of the cap ends

  19. DK must have lost their mind. How could you limit someone on MLB..

  20. Just make sure you don't start coughing and blow through it the other way :D

  21. Sorry, is 11.25 normal for a salad? How much is the produce you put in it worth? How come it's so expensive?

  22. A iron man zero skin and a wolverine zero skin was actually already leaked and will release in a couple months

  23. Good, being civil obviously isn't working now is it?

  24. Hey bro, I understand that I would be downvoted, but I really want to be understood clearly. Don't you see how crazy that is? You are getting vasectomy just because you don't like the government's decision? That's somewhere between crazy and really stupid. No bad feelings for you, just from my point of view, this is just too much.

  25. That's not why I'm doing it, the decision is just what caused me to actually pick up the phone and make the appointment. And even if that was why, why the fuck does that bother you so much? People should be able to do what they want to their bodies for whatever reason they want to do it, it's kind of the whole point of this argument. If you wanna chop your balls off cause you don't like the governments decisions, or if you want 11 kids who gives a shit? It's no one's business, stay out of it

  26. I suppose the fact that you shared your opinion on a public forum, makes it OK for me to say what I think. Congratulations on the vasectomy! Best decision ever!

  27. I ended up just covering the cable with something less intrusive looking. It should be fine now but appreciate the concern.

  28. Yes, can agree, but this dude could have used a slap.. This is like using lethal force, this hand can trash your head in an instant.

  29. Just curious, where do you live? I feel like that salad would cost me at least 50% more at my grocery stores.

  30. I was thinking that here, in Bulgaria, it would cost half or less. However, we don't get our cheese pre-crumbled :D

  31. It wasn’t. My teammate used two full clips into them and they didn’t die.

  32. Yeah, we will need a proof of that.

  33. Ahh alright I think I just didn’t understand exactly how it works. Thank you for the tip I’ll try to use like an oven mitt or something like that the first time so I can get a feel for it

  34. No oven mit mate, the stem is too small and you will most likely drop it :D just give it a very gentle wiggle if it doesn't come off right away. Also, get yourself some concave steel screens for the stem. Much better extraction and prevents any herbs in your stem.

  35. I just got the Xmax V3 14mm wpa, it works like a charm.

  36. Can confirm on this one. I use the regular mouthpiece filters for the water piece, as it's much much easier to clean.

  37. I slip on a silicone tube 12/8 mm (from my Arizer extreme Q and just do a double layer (slip it on an then roll the opposite end of the tube. This way it fits perfectly at 14mm joint.

  38. Bald eagles are the assholes of the skies. They are deeply aggressive bullies that scare other birds and alter their behavior. They also steal food from just about any animal they feel like hazing including their own kind.

  39. Did you see the woman whose duck got attacked by a bald eagle? She went out for it bare tits and ass. Holding a baby for shield.

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