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  1. Well at least that's a very good statement of advice in general.

  2. if there’s any boots you want to merge to yellow it’s light runners, the yellow effect for prosthetic is pretty irrelevant so if you want to run it for the extra speed you might as well just keep it as purple

  3. downgrade shotgun and make kunai epic. also downgrade all of the gear that does radiation damage as it is terrible. use the chestpiece to make the jacket or whatever it is epic if possible.

  4. I appreciate the suggestion. I'll definitely consider it. Didn't know radiation was looked down upon

  5. It’s one of those mechanics that is ok early game but will fall off extremely hard as you progress since everything just becomes way too tanky. Light runners are generally considered the best non s boots, though that’s mostly because of its yellow effect, so for now you might find prosthetic leg more useful just for the extra speed

  6. It hits everything in 360° swings. Mobs can’t get near you and now you can run around bosses and hit them without having to face them. I’m working on a red kunai now, but it’s gonna take a while.

  7. Wait, the bay is 360 degree swing? Well now I know!

  8. I think it means that it’s a higher grade than your currently equipped item. Your kunai is base level purple while the bat is lvl 1. If you didn’t know, you can downgrade the bat by clicking on it and hitting the red recycle icon next to the attack power. Then you can use those parts to upgrade your kunai.

  9. Oh OK awesome! Yea this reddit doesn't seem to recommend the bat or pistol at all, just light chaser and kunai and I'm seeing why

  10. Kunai is the most overhyped rubbish weapon in the game. Up and down levels, katana is way better, bat is good in everything just like shotgun if you have skill and lightchaser rocks them all. Revolver is shit. With Kunai you’re good against bosses and weak against waves. If you can aim or can dodge, aka you’re not complete garbage at the game, you can pick any melee weapon or the shotgun and take less skills against waves and more against bosses and as soon as you get excellent precision device there’s literally no reason to pick Kunai except for skill

  11. Hey thanks for sharing! I'll start leveoljngiit up and I'll play it on weaker levels to see how the bat holds up

  12. When you kill an elite, you will gain inspire (it will be indicated by a glow above your character). The described effects will then be active.

  13. Thank you came to reddit today to find this answer

  14. Divine Destroyer I think. When you merge the two type A drone, type B drone and the medic drone from Catnip

  15. How do you get the medic drone? I'm only on chapter 13. Is that a tech?

  16. There are 2 evos of modular mines:

  17. Thank you. I came to Reddit today to find this answer

  18. Once you can easily beat level 4 just keep playing that over and over

  19. Thanks for thr suggestion. Just played that and didn't see much of a difference from any level. Had the coin perk and everything and made less money than my most recent chapter win

  20. Are you using excellent shiny gloves and just running in one direction?

  21. Fingerless gloves. Don't have those yet... I'll watch for them

  22. Yeah but the molotov isn’t really worth evolving anyway. The base molotov is so good against mobs already, eapecially with HE fuel passive. I recommend you never ever take the gold passive again, useless beyond words :)

  23. Haha thanks. What is HE fuel passive mean?

  24. yea I got for damage and I survive just fine, even with guardians as one of my skills (one of the only reasons I survive to begin with lmao) VP is terrible for bosses because of manual aim. and kunai with it's splitting effect doesn't happen every time. it's once every so often. but yea thank you for the advice!

  25. What does LC mean, if you don't mind?

  26. You need the black done and the white drone. They evo into one super drone and you get the slot back

  27. Came to reddit for this q today. Thank you!

  28. diamond number: purple has +1 and +2 you can use any purple equipment of the same slot to upgrade the s piece. Yellow and red have +1, 2 and 3. But to upgrade color you need an identical s piece of the same color (and +2 for purple to yellow).

  29. Hey thanks so much. Just got the free revive s armor piece, and it's been nice

  30. yea that's gonna help you push a few chapters. But eventually you're gonna be gate kept by insufficient damage

  31. Don't send anything back. That's how I respond to people that are looking for a response to gratify their ego... Regardless of the subject.

  32. The Holiday - watched that film with a past gf - realized during it that I felt like the character Jasper - pretending to be committed to the relationship when I honestly just didn't feel it anymore.

  33. Did you find a solution? I'm having the same problem

  34. Demolition will give you the oppertunity to find 1 of the 3 marked safe's after you destroy the two objectives. Those require nothing else.

  35. This is what I came to reddit for today so thanks!

  36. Reminds me of the last year we had a Santa at my wards Christmas party. The Santa spoke about how after the wisemen left he also came to give gifts to Jesus. We never had a Santa again.

  37. Well the ward made a boo boo on that one...

  38. Ha I like this painting and it has deeper meaning to me than most, but I appreciate the wittiness

  39. That looks so peaceful and I am jealous.

  40. are they really being told not to read "Saints?"

  41. There is a KARENS DINER?! People are making money off of this trend?!!?! That's hilarious.

  42. While I do think the church is cultish, the person that sent that to you is not wrong - words these days have seriously changed meaning to almost no longer mean anything contextually relevant. For instance, "homophobic," "racist," "nazi," "radical," etc. People way overuse these words to mean, basically, things they don't like.

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