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  1. wait for some people to drop it. if no one does, i think ur only option is night school

  2. only main floor tickets! i should have mentioned this earlier, sorry!!

  3. a large part of the trait structure of E1 is the need to repress emotional needs in favour of logical structure. E1 is characterised by being methodological and favouring structure, blocking themselves from putting their feelings first and alienating themselves from expressing themselves emotionally. it’s contradictory to Fi doms who repress their Te. you can still have a 1 fix as an INFP, but INFP 1 core doesn’t make sense

  4. 16 also yesterday's toronto show was filled with teenagers and they got the first, i would say, 10 rows, at least. "adults" were on the back side of the floor but there were also a lot of them! i am sure age isn't something to worry about

  5. if you’re good at writing and u enjoy it, than writers craft might be easier for you. if you’re not, than I wouldn’t take it, but world issues is pre easy tbh, it’s just assignments and a little memorization, i got a 92 in it so 🤷‍♀️

  6. second unit? man, we are still in unit 1, learning how to find the inverse of a function. Is it us that is taking it slow or is your teacher going too fast?

  7. Depends on your other courses and the marks you are getting from them.

  8. That is actually pretty normal for a law class. Last semester, I took CLU3M1 and all we did was 5 assignments (1 analysis, 1 opinion piece, 1 presentation and 2 that I don't even remember) + the culminating. However, we did not have any tests.

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