1. Probably a Spicebomb gift set. Paid around $140 Canadian for it. I don't think I could ever spend more than that on a fragrance. I'd feel like I was getting hosed for a small bottle of scented alcohol.

  2. I have 2 fragrances from their Tobacco line (Rich Warm Addictive and Intense Dark Exclusive) and for the price they are great. These 2 actually have pretty good longevity as well.

  3. I have 7 razors and feel it is way too much. Unfortunately it took me 7 razors to find the one that works perfectly for me (Rockwell 6s). I also like my Merkur 34C. Ideally I would have only purchased those 2 razors and not my others (Progress, Parker 26c, RazoRock German Slant, Merkur Futur, and the aluminum Standard Razor). It can be tricky to not let this hobby just turn into a shopping addiction. Looking at some to the posted collections in this group, I feel many guys on here (myself included) have fallen into that trap.

  4. BBW Mahogany Woods is fantastic. It's a shame they discontinued it. I have the EDT, body cream and body wash. Strangely, I find the body cream has better performance than the EDT. It is my wife's favorite scent on me regardless of price.

  5. I cannot use a Feather blade in any of my razors except the 34c where it shines.

  6. Why are y'all like this? What is this obsession with projection, who are you doing this for?? Who do you want to MAKE SURE smells your colonge?

  7. I have always found that applying moisturizer before a fragrance actually weakens the performance and deadens some of the notes. Probably just me.

  8. Mont Blanc Legend Spirit. Smells like a dryer sheet and lasts literally 30 minutes on me.

  9. For me it would be PDM Layton. I had a sample a while back and I don't think I have smelt anything better. Unfortunately the $250 price tag would make me feel like a sucker if I paid it so for now I'll be on the lookout for decants.

  10. Interesting. I had COVID about 3 months ago and never lost my sense of smell or taste. I was under the impression the new variants didn't cause this anymore but obviously I was wrong. If it helps, I think the vast majority of people get their senses back within a month or so.

  11. I don't think I have a favorite. I wear whatever I think smells good.

  12. It's one of my favorites, although I would be considered a more mature (at least age wise) man. If you are not getting the dirty orange note maybe there is something wrong with it, assuming that by citronella you mean there is a strong lemon note?

  13. Is that a regional thing? In the Midwest it seems 50/50

  14. I'm in Ontario, Canada and I rarely smell anybody wearing fragrance here.

  15. I just follow the rule that 95+% of people don't give a single crap about the fragrance I am wearing, let alone notice if it is a more expensive one.

  16. Both of my favs are discontinued but are still available on ebay etc.. They are Mahogany Woods and Island (Aventus dupe). Midnight is also a pretty good interpretation on Sauvage.

  17. What synthetic are you using. There is a big difference between a cheap Wilkinson Sword synthetic and somthing like a RazoRock Plissoft synthetic. I love my Razorock synth. Overall though I think I prefer my Omega boar brush. It has a great backbone. I have not used a badger brush that I like yet. I find them way too floppy.

  18. Spicebomb (the original). I just wish it lasted longer.

  19. The only fragrance I have that changed noticeably (scent and performance) with time is Prada Luna Rossa Carbon. When first purchased it had below average performance. After 6 months it is at least above average and the lavender note became really pronounced.

  20. I have Carbon and Sauvage and honestly I don't get the comparison. To me they do not really smell alike. Carbon has a very strong lavender note that seems to get more pronounced as the fragrance ages. It's one of the only frags I have where the performance gets better as it ages as well.

  21. I'm sure it is. Look at the all the ingredients that get banned every year.

  22. Dior is the best of the ones I have.

  23. I've had the same Omega boar brush for 10 years. They just work, especially after they are broken in.

  24. I've had a 6s for about 4 years now. I use plate 4 with a Nacet blade. It's the only razor I use now. My other razors don't come close (Merkur 34c, Progress, Futur, Parker open comb, German Slant......)

  25. All I really use now are my RazoRock synthetic brush and my Omega Boar. I like them both equally however a boar brush needs time to break in (20 or so shaves) and also needs to be soaked in water for a few minutes before use. The synthetic is just wet it and go. Of the 2, I would say the boar whips up a lather a little better but not by much. I don't care for any of the badger brushes I have tried.

  26. I would never pay that much for a brush. There are so many great boar and synthetic brushes available for under $25 that do the job.

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