My wife just went back to work and thinks I'm an idiot

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  1. Yeah kibbe color pallets make no sense to me since coloring does not seem to correlate with body lines in any way. I feel like Kibbe must have gotten rid of color recs for body types if he ever had them to begin with. Kinda like he got rid of typing by facial features, even though there is often some correlation with body lines/bone structure and faces.

  2. The CCP under Mao starved 50 million Chinese to death. Any dirt tankies can dig up on the west never compares to the horrors of the CCP.

  3. Sounds like you are taking way too much. Some strains are stronger than others and some people are more sensitive to it. Take like a week off to give yourself a wash AND make sure it isnt some other health issue, and then halve your dose.

  4. As a millenial who still loves Harry Potter....millenial fandoms as a whole can be so fucking cringey. Liking something and knowing trivia about this thing does not have to define your entire personality and does not make you better than anyone else. 💀💀

  5. I wanna say FG with a classic gamine essence

  6. I am locked down in my apartment right now and this makes me want to cry. Beautiful work.

  7. Yeah it is hard for me to pinpoint, its a playful cheekiness rather than innocent playfulness, as vague as that sounds. I do see lots of roundness but also juxtoposition in your features, and you have a delicate but defined bone structure. Idk I just got that vibe instantly.

  8. I woule say gamine over ingenue 🤘

  9. Hate to break it to you but this was a social media stunt, fake.

  10. I was thinking this looks like something from a movie...

  11. I would just keep dressing this way but try to keep in mind little things you can do to accommodate your kibbe. I’d also keep in mine your color analysis as that will help outfits look more natural. I’m not sure of your color profile but that shade of pink seems to wash you out a bit, a different shade of it would probably accentuate you better.

  12. She might be a true autumn or some kind of spring just based on this picture 💚

  13. This is the thing; we are told to look at the overall lines and effect, and to not get caught up on small details like shoulders or weight gain patterns. So for me, even though I am conventionally "pear shaped", I basically just need to accomodate length and curve. And SD lines suit me best. However, he DOES focus on small details. For example, the height thing. I know people have discussed the height thing to death but that very much seems like obsessing over a detail, especially when a difference of one inch can completely shift which type you are. So the weight gain thing really trips people up. Am I an SD or a thicc D because I gain weight in my hips and not my face? Sometimes D lines do look good on me, because SD is of course in the D family. And it really doesn't help that very few verified examples are above average or even average size. Maybe if there were more available examples of regular people who had typed?

  14. It's getting better but yes. So many pastel tones and pale neutrals with zero waist emphasis. I don't want to wear a pillowcase. Second hand shopping is a good alternative as well.

  15. I got a bunch in my late teens on my boobs when I had a growth spurt, but they actually faded entirely over time. Honestly most people have them in some form, just like moles or cellulite. People get them for all kinds of reasons, even from working out and gaining muscle. I see them on my friends and think they are kind of cool.

  16. My first instinct was that I was a soft dramatic, and I suppose I probably am because those recommendations just suit me best. However, the weight gain patterns mess me up- I am conventionally "pear shaped" and have a moderate chest, so I have questioned whether I might just be a thicc Dramatic??

  17. Also the test is shitty, it implied I was some kind of gamine which I knew I was not 😂

  18. I see more engenue than gamine, and ethereal maybe?

  19. This grosses me out for so many reasons

  20. The outfits with SN lines suit her best imo

  21. Gonna mix things up and say Romantic, with some other stuff too. You look a bit like young Lana Del Rey!

  22. Does anyone else struggle with spaghetti straps? They always seem like they either look too small and dainty or end up sliding off my shoulders. It is hard to out my finger on the issue with them.

  23. I am a SD and I can not pinpont why but spaghetti straps usually look awkward on me. Maybe they are too delicate? Not really sure.

  24. For the love of God do not get a vasectomy in China.

  25. Any celebrity who posesses shoulders has someone piping in saying they are N family 😂

  26. You possess shoulders so therefore have width. N family.

  27. She looks a bit elongated in the show and suits longer lines, but also needs to accomodate curve.So I would say SD

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