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  1. I'm not a fan of tea balls. My strainer is a simple metal strainer from WMF. IMO it's the best style.

  2. Both! She loves pancakes, syrup, and kimchi. This combo is actually good.

  3. im gonna have to try that, being that i always love pickles with my diner breakfast !! i bet kimchi is even better

  4. you are really naturally pretty and i think the eyelashes and colored contacts are really taking away from that. i would suggest embracing your natural eye color- it will give a more bold look and will be really beautiful. for eyelashes i think a more natural looking type would be best.

  5. I appreciate that feedback! You made a great point with the lashes/contacts; as much fun as dramatic lashes & bold contacts are, i could definitely try to embrace my natural eye color more :) There’s so much depth & warmth dark brown eyes can offer!

  6. yess ! and dark brown eyes are beautiful against your skin tone, they really stand out. good luck !! 🤍

  7. u genuinely look like u work at a vape shop. or maybe gamestop

  8. a diamond is not an upgrade from a moissanite. moissanite actually has more brilliance and fire than a diamond. they are actually just different stones, its not a "fake diamond" like some people may claim

  9. if you watch delafe testimonies on youtube, many of these people share that they heard an AUDIBLE voice of God talk to them. its pretty amazing

  10. old fashioned oatmeal made with water or a milk alternative with mixed berries, banana slices, and walnuts

  11. I've decided these sorts of flashes are my brain's way of saying "Hey do NOT do this!!" in the only language it has.

  12. thats a good way of looking at it thank u, because these thoughts scare me sometimes

  13. yes i get these thoughts a lot or like when im driving i think "what if i accidentally just spun out and crashed" and its so scary i hate those thoughts

  14. Lmao u guys really can’t say nice things about small boobs without talking bad on big boobs. Shame

  15. nothing wrong with naturally large boobs. its a shame when someone with a beautiful small chest like megan fox feels the need to get huge implants that look fake and out of place on her, when she was beautiful to begin with

  16. i think 1 fits the shape of your finger better! and just curious, did he propose with a fake ring and now buying the real ring together ? or just shopping for the ring amd then he will propose later ?

  17. i was in the exact same position as you a few months ago. (i even made a post about my first class being a nightmare) i stuck with it and am happy i did. i know its hard and embarrassing in the beginning, but it gets better. you got this !!

  18. absolutely not, thats the one color u cant wear to a wedding

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