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  1. this has me almost in tears. perfect gif choice for the caption 😂😂

  2. Thought the same until I heard fall into the sun - track 6 - the horns and the vibe man pure brilliance

  3. Years ago I was heading to work, I worked afternoon shift at the time. One of my neighbors heard me try to start my car and heard the battery pretty much die on me offered to give me a ride to work and pick me up that day. I was never able to pay him back for it.

  4. Does your family lecture you about your cannabis use because you live in there basement?

  5. I am in love with that character. "I don't know shit about fuck."

  6. My issue with Brit isn’t so much with what’s she saying it’s how she says it. It sounds fake.

  7. I think there's room for improvement in the cuticle work, she left dead bits of skin hanging in a few places. But generally I'm a fan of neutral ombre and the shape looks smooth, the colors suit your skin tone, and the glitter isn't overdone. So overall yay if you can get the cuticles to look a little bit neater. If it was me I would try Vaseline with vinyl gloves for a few hours and that should make the dead bits soggy enough that they can scrape off with something gentle even just a washcloth.

  8. I’m in between just sending his whole family gc the pictures of what he did 😭😭😭

  9. Rumor has it Indica is good for that....if you live where it's legal and don't get drug tested for your job.

  10. The problem with marijuana is that it tends to interrupt your REM sleep. It helps you fall asleep but you end up not getting good sleep unless you sleep for 9 hours at a time, which I don’t

  11. I didn't know that, just relying on anecdotal reports from others.

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