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  1. Should have said, "maybe you need to see a pediatrician cuz you are acting very childish throwing your opinions around where they aren't needed."

  2. Lmfao yessss!! I had an abusive ex that was being particularly nasty one night so I threw a glass of milk in his face and he said (in utter shock) “What did you do that for!!?” And I said “Well you were acting like a baby and I thought you may have needed feeding.” Sorry, off topic but your comment reminded me of that haha

  3. Was picturing you just straight up glassing him but then I realised you probably meant just the liquid 😂😂

  4. Hahaha sorry yes my grammar and wording is shite - that’s absolutely what I meant 😂

  5. First artist that came into my mind was The Mars Volta. Frances the Mute was big for me.

  6. Transdermal Celebration took over my brain for like a solid week the first time I heard it. Then I discovered the Devin Townsend cover and the cycle repeated.

  7. Ahhh awesome. I haven’t heard the Devin Townsend cover but I’ll check it out.

  8. Dance Monkey by Tones and I. The music video is actually pretty cool but the song makes me criiiinge.

  9. Her voice and that vocalist for Maneskin both sound like dog shit!

  10. Ohhhh hell hard out. Sounds like he’s trying to force one out

  11. I feel so much for you, OP. My mum used to walk around in super short dresses with no undies on in front of my partner. She’d also masturbate real loudly when she knew he was home and just say really fucking inappropriate shit to him. Sending you massive hugs x

  12. Partner didn’t know how to react and was feeling super uncomfortable/grossed out. Mum and I had a massive scrap and partner and I left. Haven’t spoken much since, this was about 12 years ago.

  13. NTA, she sounds like a user. I would have reacted the same. Good riddance.

  14. Queens did a signing before a show at Real Groovy in Auckland about 11 years ago. They were all good but obviously tired and over it (Josh was wearing a Rush Hour 3 t-shirt lol). I met Brody at the counter beforehand though and she was so lovely! Got a hug and a photo. Show that night was meeeean!

  15. We have this in our little town and many outlying towns have their own. Ours is called ‘the Exchange’ and it’s in a big old bus stop shelter shed thing. A lot of fresh seasonal produce and sometimes even blankets, books etc. Going to take some stuff from my garden this arvo. I have rhubarb, bok choy, rocket, capsicums (bell peppers?), beetroot, celery, parsley and basil. Oh and lots of oranges and mandarins from my trees. It’s nice to be able to share :)

  16. Congratulations! I named my daughter Brodie. Everyone thinks I named her after Brody Dalle but it was really for Chief Brody from Jaws haha

  17. They have their own beach north of Auckland too

  18. When my son was 5 we went shopping at the mall in Mount Maunganui (NZ) and it was very busy. There is an indoor playground there with a giant taniwha (a creature from Maori lore) which you can climb through and on top of. Little mate wanted to play. Everything is going great when he yells at me from on top of the taniwha - in front of everyone at bloody 200 decibels - “MUM!!!!! I’M GONNA GO GET SHIT OUT OF THE TANIWHA’S ARSE!!”

  19. Thanks a lot. I just laughed so hard that I woke my sleeping baby. 😂

  20. Ohhhh shit sorry mate 😂😂 glad you had a good laugh though

  21. Hi there, just watching 80s goth music videos (e.g. sisters of mercy), giggling alone at TikTok videos, struggling with simple wordles, and enjoying tea.

  22. Legend has it when you die you join the chorus of This Corrosion 😌

  23. I don't see you crying, robot! You taste these tears. Taste my sad, Michael!

  24. Taniwha from the Maori of Aotearoa (NZ). They're either kaitiaki (guardians) of iwi or can be malevolent. They live in rivers, caves or the ocean.

  25. What we do in the shadows has a whole vampire outfits montage

  26. I go for a look which I call "dead, but delicious"

  27. Christmas Eve here in NZ. The smallest one (also 11 months old as of today!) was Exorcist-crawling around without a nappy on all morning with cereal stuck to his lil balls. His 2 year old sister tipped all my seedlings out all over the floor and I still haven't sorted that situation. 9-year-old's been at the dairy (general store) several times today for lollies and is currently doing bombs off the jetty and my fat ass is parked on the couch w/ the air con blasting because it's scorching hot and I am dying. Happy Holidays everyone lol

  28. My daughter is Brodie - middle name is Violet. Also having a Welsh name in a country that's not Wales, I get all sorts of pronunciations (my name is Sian) lol so you I feel ya!!

  29. Stay at home mum - daughter's 2nd birthday today. Sent her annoying ass to daycare anyway because I just could not be fucked haha

  30. To be fair, she probably had more fun there! Good choice - I would have done the same!

  31. I have a 10 month old as well and trying to get anything done is a nightmare. I don't feel so alone now lol

  32. As a NZer Aramoana was fucking hectic as, not to mention ChCh. But as far as international massacres.. probably Port Arthur or the Bataclan Paris attacks. Big Eagles of Death Metal fan. I saw them the year after in Auckland and it was one of the best gigs ever. Jesse Hughes did an amazing acoustic tribute.

  33. Every night but my kids are hectic outdoor gross ruffian lil free range fairies lmao seriously my biggun smells like fish bait all the time and is always covered in sand and dirt (we live on an estuary). It's to keep up with some semblance of a bedtime routine too. Master 9 showers by himself now but my nearly 2 toddler and 10 month old have a bath together. Don't stress though mama different things work for different whānau (families). Arohanui 💜

  34. My 9-year-old wants an aluminum dinghy with an outboard. We live at the beach and he's mad keen on fishing. They're quite expensive here. Sorry sunshine, you'll just have to stick with the kayak for a while longer!

  35. Holy crap, are you me? My 9 year old wants the same thing! But is getting an upgrade from a little kid to a teen kayak!!!

  36. Haha! I'd be absolutely fine with him having one I just can't afford it! He knows how to drive one too, used to hoon around the marina in Auckland in his grandad's lol. He's a big unit so is in a larger kayak now too. Hope you have a lovely Christmas/holidays!

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