1. If only i could send that to a few people 😫 they’d see it as an “attack on their help”, “being ungrateful”… etc. Oh well…

  2. I just had my 4th Tysabri infusion on Friday. I felt like shit a week before on my 2nd and 3rd infusion. However, last week I felt perfectly fine. Actually, better than usual. I’m in a Tysabri fb group and there’s people who have said they felt bad a week before until the 6th~ or so infusion.

  3. Thats both reassuring and horrible, lol. This will just be my third infusion. Ill hold out hope, thank you for sharing!

  4. My first symptoms I was with an on-and-off fiance, we were thinking it could be autoimmune… he told his mother (who hated me) who then told me “I hope you do have AIDS and die from it!”. And he never backed me up that it was inappropriate of her. Especially considering how sick I felt. We are obviously very far broken up 😂 such a relief.

  5. Windows 11 definitely doesnt work- tried it. Search the subreddit and youll find some work arounds, browser alterations etc- that may work.

  6. No you can't afford. 75k is the entry level salary of most new grad in the area. 75k barely get you to qualify to rent a decent apartment (3x rule on a 2400/apartment means 72k income)

  7. Fair enough. Insane how fast salaries are rising to keep up with costs.

  8. There are a lot of costs to owning a home, so don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

  9. Thanks, we've owned previously- it definitely isn't "just mortgage", but maintenance and property taxes and blah blah blah... been there done that, but I like nailing things to walls without worrying about a deposit haha.

  10. My neuro’s office gives me a survey that I take before every infusion- it asks about current symptoms. It is probably just for their use, but it’s good practice. Do you fill anything like that out?

  11. Nope, i think thats a great idea though! Wish mine did that, maybe ill have to do it for myself

  12. Oh gosh, i haven’t had any marks yet. When did you start to notice track marks?! My doctor was talking about a vein port today as a future option.

  13. Mine worked out surprisingly fine with just the meat frozen over the course of two weeks.

  14. I think i might try making my own dough instead of using the pie crust haha… tbd, but they look good with it!!

  15. My husband growing distant. (But also my health. Kind of happened at the same time.)

  16. Go you! I just finished mine a few days ago, how long did it take for you to get your results? Did you do the essays too? (Are those separate grades?)

  17. When I took it I had to wait two weeks before my scores came back, and my essay scores came back at the same time

  18. Either can order them. Best approach is for neuro and pcp to talk to each other

  19. I cant even bother to try… my pcm is “relieved its ms” so she doesnt have to try to care anymore, and im on tricare so my options to switch are shit haha. My neuro is amazing though. Ill go through him i think.

  20. Meetup is not great for our base unfortunately 😭 I’m gonna do my best to find something else but it’s lookin rough

  21. Yes! I was looking at stuff to do for after we get our home settled and I was really disappointed to see that so many events are during work hours.

  22. Exactly, that's another good point too. I don't have kids- and a ton of the social events are around them or include them... I have nothing against them, but I'd love an adult-social that's not during working hours!

  23. If I use edge and try to get SOP or Resource Job Aids it gives me a loop after sign in lmao.

  24. I cant get most SOPs to open, most links are dead. Super useful /s

  25. Use the feedback links on articles and pages. We do listen

  26. I'd personally stay for the career, get some time in, and then move to the more permanent station. I did 8 months away from my hubby for my career- we visited and it worked out. You've got this! No answer is a wrong answer in this, whatever you are comfortable with is the right one.

  27. This is unrealistic. I am not going to vet buyers for their "intention" and go into detail on their needs on initial contact. I do not know what state you work in, but I have never heard of vetting a contact immediately before you can move forward in answering questions.

  28. I don’t think theres anything unrealistic about vetting a potential client. Answer questions, sure- thats polite and professional. But also figure out why they’re calling YOU and if they’re already working with someone. You can get in major trouble if it looks like you’re trying to poach a client from another agent. Sounds like our states/geography are indeed very different - its fascinating!

  29. That is not what you said, you said to find out who they are and find their intention. If I start grilling someone immediately and see if they are willing to commit to a BSA, they are going to hang up and call someone else.

  30. I never said to grill anyone 😂 i think we have very different perspectives of figuring out someones intentions. There are polite and professional ways to ask “hey how can I help? Whats your end goal with our conversation, to obtain information, or can I help you with a personal showing?”

  31. I cant tell if this fits one of my symptoms or not… it seems close. I feel like im still IN my body but that its not really fitting right? Disassociating physically and a little light headed, sounds CAN be too loud but not always… i can move but definitely more uncoordinated. Happens for a few minutes to a half hour when im super stressed or overwhelmed or embarrassed.

  32. I worked with the public for 15 years repairing systems I never once met someone that didn’t want you to clean the insides of their PC of its covered. They will thank you for it and you can use pc cleaning res code. Also there is always someone wanting to talk or ask you to look at something for them. Check them in if they have something super simple do the paperwork and close it out while they are there if it’s done from the interaction. If they have the service plan use it, document it and show usage of it. It’s the simple things that can fix metrics. I have been sleeper since 2015, so my knowledge is a bit out of date, but paperwork and logging will save your metrics.

  33. I clean EVERY computer that comes in. I WISH that res code still existed, some of these computers need deep cleaned and it does take some effort! Lol!

  34. I know this is an older post, I’m looking thru this sub for something about Tysabri and came across this post. My doctor ordered pre meds but I really hate the steroids and didn’t want Benadryl. I just decline every time I go for my infusion, at my own risk but I haven’t had a problem. Point is, if you don’t want the pre meds you are allowed to decline, and as long as that goes well you can continue to decline pre meds.

  35. Thanks for sharing your story! Very good point, i need to remember i can say no and ask questions :)

  36. US Free Box + $15 off 2nd and 3rd Box + 3 Free Gifts

  37. I got an espresso machine, and made my own vanilla simple syrup. 3oz espresso, .5oz syrup, shake that up with a ton of ice (it gets frothy) and then top with oatmilk (.5-1 cup). Adjust for your desired sweetness, but YUM and only ~120calories.

  38. Thank you for posting this, it’s really great to see positive experiences like this. I just started on tysabri and hearing good stories about it relieves me a ton. I’m glad you’re doing well!

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