1. I love the gym! I’m heavy too but I fell in love with weightlifting. It’s so empowering to go lift things up and put them down. I like defying expectations . If you have the finances I recommend getting a personal trainer even for a few sessions, they can teach you a specialized routine . Knowing what you’re doing really helps build confidence too

  2. Start over and remind yourself that knitting is fun so now you get to knit twice as much for no extra material cost 😬

  3. My first ever sweater I was so proud of but I didn't wear it at all for 2 years because I didn't like the style of the fit. Finally decided to frog the entire thing and make it in a different style. It was totally worth it because now I actually wear it.

  4. That must be so satisfying! The comeback sweater

  5. My fav post on here was one explaining the different types of witches. Some of us are super into it and light candles and dance naked on the full moon or whatever. Some just have a deep connection to nature. And some of us identify with the historical narrative of powerful women who are marginalized. I am the third: I don’t cast spells or believe in magic or anything really. But I am full of rage as a woman in this world and if I could I would burn all that is evil to the ground 🔥 🔥 🔥

  6. It could if only I knew what nasolabial folds are 🤔

  7. I’ve never seen peels used as a treatment for this type of depression. I would think lasers or possibly even a scar revision (not by whomever did that to you) would be super helpful. An ablative laser can help smooth out the depression and make it less noticeable.

  8. Also I love the name. I too am a sensitive daikon

  9. Maybe I’m using the wrong term? He did a trial for me- put a small dot of chemical right on the scar that burned and turned white

  10. A witchy name may alienate a large portion of the your target population (upper middle class snobs) which sounds decidedly anti magical. Better be more insidious

  11. I was also able to add a gallery here too, so you can see all the photos without me having to link imgur.

  12. What a gentleman thank you I am so invested as well

  13. How did you go about choosing a lamp? I’ve been curious if that help me but I don’t know where to start

  14. Sad lamp! If you have a psychiatrist they can prescribe it for you and insurance should cover it under durable medical equipment. Magic!!

  15. Specifically for Christianity: the whole thing centers around Jesus dying willlingly on a cross, which admittedly is a horrible horrible way to die. Yet innocent people regularly die worse deaths than that every day. I read a news story about children who killed their baby brother by putting it in an oven. So because of original sin Jesus just let’s shit like that happen? Fuck off.

  16. When we lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment the heating bill was easily twice as high as our current 3 bedroom townhome because the insulation was so fucking bad. It still blows my mind

  17. Depends on how much you like her! I make so much stuff that I’m running out of people to give it to… my close circle can only handle so many knitted items 😂 it would make a nice present for bday, Mother’s Day, etc

  18. 15 row, slipping the first stitch - 2 & 3 is 2, then 2 & 3 six more times is 12, then row 2 once more. Then begin the short row instructions, the first of which they've called 'row 4'.

  19. Thank you so much! I kept going back and forth about which was right

  20. I'm assuming your reason for wanting to say no is because you don't want them to have sex and assume they will? Similarly with your oldest and opposite sex friends? Are you maybe already sexualizing your young daughters unnecessarily? Because crushes and romantic attractions are quite different than sexual desire. Is there a reason you think 10 and 12 year olds will have sex in the presence of someone they have a crush on? Have you talked to them about sex and boundaries and navigating that? Because I'd start there before putting a hard ban on people spending the night. Always talk to your kids before attempting to control them with rules.

  21. Seems like instead of reading the post and looking at what OP is saying you are responding to some unfair situations in your own past. I’m Sorry you felt hurt and angry when those situations happened to you though

  22. I had one, did a leep to remove the abnormal cells, and completely recovered. Sending positivity your way! You’ll be ok!

  23. The images are not really legible. I think you have to hone your craft a bit more before you try to commercialize

  24. I am deeply connected to our collective divinity but still consider myself an atheist because I do not believe in human theological explanations of the divine. I do not believe that Gods or Goddesses are “real”, and that is the definition of atheism. I believe they are archetypes that humans use to create narratives to help them conceptualize divine connection. God did not make us in his/her image; we constantly try to make Gods and Goddesses in our image.

  25. I feel exactly the same. Nature is as close to a higher power as we can get

  26. I liked the build up in squid games better, and I liked how in squid games the people ultimately CHOSE to be there even though they knew how fucked it was. Because their reality is worse. Now that’s scary dude

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