1. I’ve got to disagree with you there about Americans being made fun of being offensive. On a world stage, you can’t get much bigger than the US in terms of influence, I feel like it’s substantially different to mock Americans and America vs mocking… idk Mongolia.

  2. As someone with enslaved African and Indigenous American lineage, as well as having immigrant family myself (which combined is the core culture of America) I beg to differ that it’s not both offensive and problematic. Make colonizers the butt of your joke all you want, but maybe question what you think you mean by saying it’s okay to mock Americans

  3. People who make fun of America aren’t usually making fun of Indigenous and Black Americans, they’re making fun of people like Trump.

  4. I love that when it’s convenient for y’all to not get called out you erase Black and Indigenous Americans from Americas identity.

  5. If you trust your partner, have the same views etc. why do you need to marry him? Does anything change if you do? Nothing changes in that regard.

  6. Many societies are actually not set up for single people to thrive. There are benefits to marriage that you cannot get out of a friendship or unmarried partnership unfortunately

  7. Depends on how much you want what they may be offering.

  8. No other way around it, he's from the US and I'm in Germany. Unless it would be platonic. Which also happened a while ago with a guy from NY, but not what this particular John is looking for. It's not ideal, but better than nothing if he pays upfront

  9. If you are a sex only escort charge accordingly. If you are a SB next him

  10. Sugaring is really a scam lol. I’ll stick to escorting.

  11. It’s really not a scam when you know what you’re doing. It’s a scam when you let a John pay 400 for multiples rounds and hours of sex with you and 50 for some nudes 😑 it lowers both your value and the value of every SWer/SB in your area

  12. I have done and continue to do the work to try to find a husband, but it doesn’t work out. I used to go to all of my church’s Young Single Adult conferences for about a decade, but I just never found anyone. Men like me, but no one will actually be with me because I won’t allow almost any form of intimacy that goes further than kissing and cuddling. It’s almost like a child-like relationship, and I will admit that. I do feel like I’m in a box. I want to find a way to love Jesus but not hate myself. These rules are absolutely killing me.

  13. A long time it may have been very easy to find a man who will commit to you year after year maybe 10 years with no intimacy or sex. But that’s not applicable anymore.

  14. Get used to talking to older people. Join volunteer work, boards, hobbies, social clubs, meetups, etc where you can make friends who are literally 20 years older but have things in common with you.

  15. That sucks. Especially when you had travel and money plans. But I guess it’s always good to have 2 SDs at least for this reason

  16. I’d say yes? Because no legit SD has ever wasted my time with that. And I provide the required pics so that they can work with that. (Full body, most of face, shape, clothing style etc) I guess if you’re not providing pics someone might ask but there zero benefit to the SB to provide sexy pics that aren’t on her profile and men know that

  17. Am i fucking crazy or was this casting known FOR YEARS? Wikipedia says casting was announced in 2019. The movie comes out in 2023, it’s currently 2022. Or are people just balling their eyes out AGAIN 3 years later???

  18. Yes and racist crying will occur again in 2023 lol

  19. White people have created entire Instagram and website pages to research in depth history of “the real little mermaid” lmfao

  20. My chemistry has always been more focused on mental stimulation and experience vibes. I liked when my SDs would get excited about my ideas and when we would do really fun things together. Like bougie Michelin star restaurants with a personal chef plating or travel or random adventures etc etc

  21. That’s interesting. If women do get rejected, then why are people under the impression that they don’t?

  22. Because men see women being harrassed, cat called, assaulted, hit on, desired, sexualized by many men etc. And delusionally think women have the love interests of many men in the world. men equate THEIR interest in us to our interest in them.

  23. In what ways do women face rejection? As a man it’s not something I know about.

  24. I was rejected from every boy I was into before age 20.

  25. Do you mean Russian immigrants or Russian Russians?

  26. I think it’s funny that anyone defends Disney at all for these things. You know where this movie poster won’t be up? China. Do some reading if you haven’t into how willing Disney is to pander to Chinese racism. They play both sides of the fence. Woke in America, in China they go along with racist policy.

  27. Why do we care tho lol like this is so random😂

  28. Tbh I don’t care at all who plays the little mermaid, I only commented because Disney is a massive shitmachine and I felt like saying so lol

  29. What major family friendly production companies would you recommend instead then?

  30. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never understood how drag… is ok…? It’s just (usually cis) men dressing up as ridiculously exaggerated women….. I’d love some genuine input that could help me understand better and maybe be educated on the topic better.. it just seems like drag is mocking women ::

  31. So by your own statement, if a cisgendered boy has interest in stereotypically boy things, to consider him a boy is a nonsense idea as well.

  32. Then tell me what else would be an appropriate indication of gender dysphoria if it's not the wish for or the possession of stereotypical "constructed" characteristics of the opposing sex?

  33. Gender dysphoria from wanting to align with extremely binary gendered expectations of the sexes is not “a wish for the possession of stereotypical constructed characteristics”

  34. I believe I’m a Jackie Kennedy. I didn’t grow up poor but I grew up to a single mother who worked really hard to make ends meet however we grew up with just enough to fit in with the upper middle class while being lower middle class ourselves. So I took dance lessons piano lessons etc amd I was brought up being cultured like my mothers colleagues and friends in country clubs and big houses whose lives we strived to be like.

  35. I’m annoyed (not at you choosing SW) but at your BF thinking you having to be in full nude touching clubs and working harder for money instead of him providing it to you is a sustainable solution.

  36. Thanks for the insight! I think it definitely makes sense, the part I don't get is I've watched walkthrough videos in big/attractive cities and people didn't look like models or movie stars. They looked pretty normal with some good looking people sprinkled in. Are you seeing something different? Maybe I just didn't watch enough videos xD

  37. For comparison when my sister from Florida comes to California when we walk around downtown or see people dining at restaurants or in bars shes (very attractive herself) always like “these people don’t even look REAL. Why is everyone so hot here?????”

  38. this is why i don't deny coffee dates. you never know what you'll get out of em!

  39. Me right now :( He meets most of my requirements, we are compatible in many ways, and I genuinely enjoy spending time with him. He is really sweet to me too. Kept thinking maybe if I tried a little harder, I could fall for him. But it's not working out and I'm intending to break the news this week. It's gonna suck.

  40. What’s not working if he meets your requirements and you’re compatible?

  41. I don't feel any attraction towards him. I waited for some time to see if it would develop slowly but it just became clearer that I'm not feeling it.

  42. I don’t understand how you’re compatible and he’s meeting your requirements if you’re not attracted to him..

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