1. Yezzir! 30rnd Endomag insert hacked up to fit in the 20rnd pmag

  2. Did you have to change any buffer springs or anything like that ? I got a PSA lower and ordered a brigade 9mm upper so I’m curious to what I need to do to insure it works right

  3. No idea on Brigade uppers and endomags, I run a foxtrot mike upper, but if the bolt is similar to most ar9's, I'd imagine it'd be fine.

  4. Takeoffs... Just swapped the rail and muzzle device on the upper, so don't need these anymore.

  5. Your options are to either play the tolerance stacking minigame with adapters, or play the catch a restock for the dead air parts minigame. Pick your poison.

  6. Best option is have it rethreaded by Morgan at Class 3 Machining, then you can use any 30cal suppressor. Concentric threads are his specialty plus he works and ships fast too. I'll never not recommend him.

  7. To rethread you have to have extra barrel length, no? In other words, you’d have to buy a 16” barrel, for example and then have the smith doing the threading cut the old threads off and make new ones, effectively shortening the barrel. Am I mistaken?

  8. On the M92/zpap92, the threads are actually on the front sight gas block. So Morgan goes in with a lathe and cuts off those 26mm threads, exposing the barrel, then goes back and rethreads to 1/2x28.

  9. Too bad it costs $. I only have half a $.

  10. Definitely a deal. Mentioned last time it was this low, the 510c goes down to $240 once in while, but the hm3x rarely ever goes below $150 (seriously, check gundeals history), essentially getting the magnifier for $110

  11. Correct. Hand loaded. Stacked deep but the current situation makes me sad

  12. Fuck, I'm reloading for 28 cpr right now.. part of me doesn't want the prices of manufactured ammo to drop til I shoot through my current stash of components but the other part of me knows if it drops, I might actually be able to find affordable primers lol

  13. Perfectly! Only ran about 60 rounds through (was testing my other 30 rounders as well), but checked for feeding and lrbho with 3-5 rounds at a time, then a full mag. Was only using 115gr fmj factory and a box of handloads I was working up and it fed and ejected every round and held open on the last round. Going to try defensive hollow points next and some heavier grain flat nose next.

  14. Awesome! Thanks for the info. In my experience the endo mags have worked best when keeping under 20 or so rounds hence my interest in using 20 round pmags over 30. Granted every setup can be a bit different, but I would get FTF and FTE when I would fill to 30.

  15. Right, bolt and buffer system are definitely big factors. I'm running a FM9 bolt and barrel with a ripbrace micro and maxim buffer and spring I modded to be 7.9oz, so total 22oz reciprocating mass.

  16. Not sure if you're still looking, but I just picked up a stripped Anderson Lower for $66 out the door at Bass Pro

  17. Agreed, the 510c goes on sale for $240 every now and then, but I've never seen the hm3x drop much below $150 let alone $100.

  18. It makes sense that intolerant dudes who rail about homosexuality being an immoral choice do so because they’re continually choosing not to act on homosexual attraction.

  19. Is that why conservatives are so obsessed with pedophilia?

  20. Hbpdw brace paired with Cryptic Coating mystic gold 9mm pcc bcg. 0 bolt bounce. i believe the combined weight is 20-22 oz. i can weigh it if anyone needs specifics. but with the proprietary spring and buffer that the brace includes, everything is working perfectly. did a few bump fires and no out of battery detonations! i have slow-mo cam footage for the bolt bounce proof if curious

  21. Mind if I see that video? I got a 7.6oz maxim buffer with floating weights, but wanted a little more mass, so I formed some lead to fit in the buffer that brought the overall weight to 7.9oz like this one. But the weight no longer floats, so it's basically solid now. Just curious to see it function with the solid buffer.

  22. The 2A community really needs to get together to build a platform to replace GAFS, GunBroker, UGE, GunDeals... all of the above.

  23. There definitely still needs to be some sort of upvote/downvote and comment/reply system so people know if the OP is posting a good deal or gouging and seller/buyer rating like GAFS flair.

  24. I run mine supressed and unsupressed with a 7 oz buffer no problems.

  25. Nice! Any noticeable difference between shooting suppressed and unsuppressed? Once my can gets out of jail, it'll most likely live on the AR9, so trying to decide if I need to add more weight to the buffer or call it good with the 7.6oz.

  26. Should be fine. Colt runs theirs at about 21.5. Suppressed should not be a problem either. My binary setup is at 21.8 and works fine with a suppressor and 147's.

  27. Thanks for the reply! My 9mm can is in jail for another month of so, so I'm not too worried about shooting suppressed until then. May save up in the mean time to upgrade my buffer to Heavy Buffer's 8.5oz'er. Maybe another company will come up with a 10oz buffer for compact receiver extensions by then lol

  28. Just found this old post, but how do you like the flambeau case? Been looking at the PDW size case on Amazon for something compact to throw in the trunk when I go on road trips.

  29. For the real answer I recommend watching documentaries on Cambridge Analytica. It's really not like they will blackmail you using your discarded videos, or recreate your face in 3d and use it to bypass biometric authentication or whatever. It's about profiling sociopolitical views on macro scale and either subtly manipulating them to push people into favourable parties (by recommendation algorithms and ads), or to straight up adjust political rhetoric/ads to resonate with the largest audience in a specific region. But it's worth remembering that it's not like it's only a matter of foreign influences, the same thing is being done domestically and in my opinion is just as dangerous.

  30. Fucking this. I used TikTok for a bit just as an experiment, and there's a legit option to wipe your history and start fresh on the algorithm. And if you spend a certain amount of time watching a few videos leaning one direction or the other politically, it starts filling your feed with posts that lean on that direction and progressively get more and more extreme as you continue down that rabbit hole. That's basically how Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been working.

  31. I think it's pretty much the exact same length as the ripbrace/ripstock micros that come with the Banshee. And unless you're using the CMMG RDB, you'll want a heavier buffer, ~22oz is said to be the sweet spot. Also, because of the shorter buffer tube, standard carbine length buffers won't work. They'll need to be under 3" in length to clear the bolt catch. I just started a build using the buffer tube for the ripbrace and have a 7.6oz maxim cqb buffer I picked up from GAFS in the mail, I think they're about 2-5/8", so I'll see how it runs. Other options for buffers could be the HBPDW 9mm buffer, comes in at 7.9oz or the 9mm buffer specifically for UCIW from that comes at 8.5oz. but those are a lot pricier than the first 2.

  32. Old post, but any chance you still have that h4 buffer??

  33. Old post, but how did this end up running? Wanting to use the rip brace on my FM9 upper, but since it's a shortened buffer tube, I was wondering how that affects the buffer setup.

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