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  • By - i3wb

  1. Given that he probably doesn't believe in the Coriolis effect either, it's possible that the bullet simply missed😄

  2. Wouldn’t that also mean the bullet is still traveling, waiting for any innocent body to happen into its path?

  3. Oh man...looks like its been drawn on with a sharpie, by a drunk person.

  4. My 9-year old stepnephew could’ve done better with a stubby eyeliner pencil, honestly.

  5. Ha! I had a boyfriend in early high school that was always in In-School Suspension so he would write me these looooong letters. One time he said looking at me was like looking at an “angle” and I thought he was trying to be deep and poetic until I realized the dumbass just couldn’t spell “angel”. Thaaat didn’t last long.

  6. I have several problems with this statement, and I don’t know where to begin dissecting it.

  7. It specifically excludes nonbinary people, which is why I don't appreciate its use. I prefer: everyone, audience members, y'all, folks, youse, people, etc.

  8. “What’s good, motherfuckers?” is likewise gender neutral, and probably the reason I’m not a train conductor/airline stewardess.

  9. I generally avoid this issue by being verbally crass and physically unattractive. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have sex with me in the first place.

  10. Oh no, the resale value just went down.

  11. Have you ever actually tried to sell a MacBook? They go obsolete the minute Apple execs learn a new California city name.

  12. the laws only care about them BEFORE they are born, so im pretty sure this is allowed

  13. True, but he’s got 7 shifts at Amazon and a meeting with his crypto investor this week, such an injury would interrupt his hustle&flow.

  14. Oh god, either I’m straight or my mother’s a liar?! What will I tell my wife!

  15. Plot twist: Your wife is actually three poodles in an overcoat.

  16. I’m a pansexual trans woman, who was breastfed. Obviously it the was other forms of neglect that made me this way. /s

  17. TLDR, students in Mormon colleges will avoid scriptural law by laying still with their genitals touching, while a third party shakes and jumps on the bed for them.

  18. Nah I think they actually penetrate, they just don't move once it's in, which is weird to think that's a loophole. It's funny how Mormons are only one letter away from morons.

  19. Curbing masturbation and sexual urges has long been a practice in authoritarian headgames. Fun fact: There are direct links from NoFap and No Nut November to Nazi Doctor Wilhelm Reich and prominent Christian psychiatrist John Harvey Kellogg, who each championed porn bans and withholding orgasm as forms of mind control.

  20. Dorian and Lydian aren’t scales, they’re modes. Victor Wooten talks a bit about this common mistake,

  21. Medieval peasants had more time free from work and more time free to travel than any middle class individual today. Sure they didn’t have health insurance, but many people don’t today. Medical care also costs a fuck ton (metric) more than in the 1200-1400’s

  22. I couldn’t give less of a fuck about the stuffed shark. I don’t even like IKEA meatballs.

  23. As a polish person i would gladly join, at least this time we’re not the ones getting invaded

  24. You're not wrong but there are a lot of women who will look down and think a man isn't a man if he has one.

  25. i would love to! have designed a couple in the past but none of them ended up being used. its definitely in my bucket list!

  26. Could I see more of your art? I’m in the process of starting a music label and it would be great to have a visual artist on-hand, if that’s anything you’re interested in. ☺️

  27. I have a card from my mother, from when I got married, with my middle name misspelled. My father and I have the same middle name.

  28. I’ve been listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno. Dan does a guest appearance in season 1.

  29. Certified sex coach here: there haven’t been any studies into this, but I’ve been interested in starting a gender-affirming guided meditation or nsfw JOI, to see how the market responds.

  30. Complete nonsense. Penn & Teller debunked this crap over 15 years ago. Y’all should watch “Bullshit!” if it’s still on Hulu.

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