1. To quote the master: “Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong.”

  2. Lol I didn’t think about the possibility that this tard was talking about the last jedi, I thought even Disney enjoyers accepted it was the worst movie

  3. Lol, nah, in my top three SW films with III and V.

  4. And Shaq is a platinum record rapper... You think if he wasn't who he was he'd do just as well with the same record he had?

  5. Don’t compare Shaq to oladipo who has one of the lowest salaries in the league

  6. He IS a good singer wth? Its not "professional singer" good imo but good nonetheless

  7. being a "good singer" doesn't pay the bills. It's really dumb to focus on something he's average at when he's a top .01% basketball player

  8. I have a feeling this direction is coming from leadership. We should be pointing fingers at George after DV was caught astroturfing this subreddit, and his ass goes "oops, We didn't know!!! or, maybe we did-HEY look over there, new product release!"

  9. I'm starting to think George isn't the customer-loving saint he paints himself as

  10. Yeah - honestly, I got more fired up than I should have and it was largely due to that gaslighting you mentioned. People acting like my original feelings of disappointment / annoyance being invalid turned those feelings into bitterness and anger. I'm at peace with the fact that Dynavap isn't what it was. It'll be easy to not spend anymore with them - if I ever get tempted with VAS again, there's a whole secondary market and other makers that won't put money in Dynavap's pocket. Fuck em.

  11. Well that is what happened. One day Francis retires from UFC and booooom! Jones is fighting Gane. If Jones had balls he would fought Pavlovich.

  12. lol that would suggest that francis is the one holding up the fight genius

  13. This is beyond insulting for no reason. Like spelling is not a requirement to an engineer degree but you want to use it to be insulting for no reason.

  14. Dude if your resume has a typo or misspelling at least in my industry it gets thrown out instantly

  15. Primal, New Dawn, Blood Dragon, 4 all came out before 5 lol

  16. Love my Dani, it's replaced even my ball vapes as my daily-driver. What tip/cap/stem are your favorites?

  17. Prolly has better BJJ than some UFC fighters based on how long he’s been doing it lol

  18. Those sort of things are usually only given to distributors as promotional material and not sold. I got a couple of raw rolling paper signs at a smoke shop by offering the dude to pay for it even though they were ads and technically not for sale. check ebay

  19. Just can’t bring myself to buy the game, again. If the story had changed, I’d be all in.

  20. The story is a lot more fully fleshed out, there's a lot more explanation how it ties in to re2

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