This man was in the process of filing a grievance against these cops for having seized some of his property. The cops started showing up at his home with their weapons drawn at times. He wasn't having it anymore.

I'm in this with you.

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  1. I bought a home IPL kit. Been working on my arms and legs for a while. Seems to be slowly making a difference. I'm sure I'll need the expensive sessions too but I wanted to get a head start

  2. Probably this same guy, still riding after all these years

  3. Gosh it's nice to see a non trans related sub upvote this stuff and downvote bigots in the comments. Thanks simpsons shit posters <3

  4. A single Glock pistol clip contains 15 rounds, which is more than enough to kill multiple people. So having any Glock at all is heavily armed according to the meaning behind your definition. What most people mean when they say “heavily armed police” is when they have something in addition to their pistol, like a shotgun or AR-15.

  5. Yes. One Glock is heavily armed compared to an unarmed man in his pajamas with his family behind him. Correct.

  6. Yes, let’s not acknowledge that we may not have all the relevant information to inform ourselves before reacting strongly. Some people call that “objective critical thinking that forms the base of common societal understanding,” but you are totally right, I think it’s better cast as “useless noise.”

  7. You need to understand that people don't trust cops and no longer buy that they're here to protect us. If a cop shows up to a regular person's home for literally any reason that person is fully justified in feeling threatened.

  8. You showed 4 examples of individuals doing well at sport. You've hardly established a pattern, never mind a pattern that should concern anyone. Trans people have been permitted to compete in the Olympics for many many years, how many medals have trans people won?

  9. You could link to well made studies of the effects of transition on athletic performance in individuals, or those that show a statistically meaningful discrepancy in sporting results. But you don't have those. Because the science doesn't agree with your gut feelings.

  10. I dunno, I think we're the only ones reading it at this point

  11. Don't airtags alert nearby devices that it's not paired with when they're traveling together, as a preventative to stalking?

  12. A picture is worth a thousand words and yet I can't think of more than a dozen or so for all four of these.

  13. I'm not entertaining anything you say, chump. I actually feel really bad for you. The next decade is going to be really hard for ultra sensitive snowflakes like you as the kids aren't suffering this narrow minded bullshit anymore. We're gonna be on all your favourite shows, in your governments, teaching classes, sharing our pronouns, and telling our stories all over the world.

  14. Race and gender, though both social constructs, are completely different things that can't be compared like this, astounding!

  15. You've got it exactly right. These episodes are for lazy afternoons.

  16. I always interpreted it as the opposite. Mirror it to her 'I want' song at the beginning ("I just wanna be... alive!"). She's trying really hard to buy into life again after being convinced she was finished and could rest. The difference between songs ("don't give me songs") and something to sing about is key. It was never a matter of wanting to kill herself but rather summoning the significant amount of strength it takes to not only be a slayer but the most successful and important slayer to ever live. Resurrection is hard especially when you're destined to die.

  17. Read it again. Maybe the end will be different this time.

  18. Dissent typed by a person living in first world captiolism.

  19. Sorry, what? Are you saying that people living under capitalism ought not criticize that system?

  20. Sweet, and you're a petulant child throwing a nihilist fit as you live a life better than BILLIONS of people alive right now if you can comment on this sub.

  21. And you're a disingenuous troll projecting your insecurities by insulting strangers on the internet. Good job?

  22. Yeah I read that and figured sister ran off to cry herself to sleep.

  23. Brush your beard with an evergreen branch. Apply mud based makeup under eyes.

  24. I have no idea what you're talking about. Did you skip episodes because some silly guide told you they were filler? Legit no clue how you miss a whole ass character.

  25. Does tats think the voice is actually sexy? Why does he talk like poorly written descriptive text?

  26. Blood libel is also antisemitic so might as well highlight thinly veiled while you're at it.

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