1. Bright Spring, Diamond face shape, Wavy/curly hair and somewhat course, Hourglass shape, Soft Dramatic Kibbe

  2. It really depends on the individual. If you come into it having an unhealthy relationship with your body and obsessing over every minor thing about your body, then I would say it’s going to do more damage. Not necessarily because of Kibbe, but because of how other people interpret Kibbe and sometimes don’t convey things in the best light. The system has its toxicity, but it’s not completely toxic. And we all have insecurities! For me, Kibbe helped me overcome those insecurities and use them to the advantage they were designed for specifically for me, as an individual. 5 years ago? Heck no. I would have been even more critical and unappreciative of my body. To those who’ve been helped, I say awesome! To those who have been triggered, I say at the end of the day it’s not about what category you fit into but rather what you do and find you really resonate with, that’s what you need to focus on

  3. Her comedic timing was amazing and she looked stunning! Such a legend honestly.

  4. I know you didn't ask me but to explain the way I distinguish them: 5s have a frozen fear, while 6s have an interactive one.

  5. I have an avoidant attachment style, but it’s mainly due to fear of getting hurt. Ive dealt with heartbreak and the only thing worse is the loss of a loved one.

  6. Don't laugh guys... but INTJ. I swear, sometimes I feel so COLD (and I don't think that way about myself in front of many other types) when I see that INTJs reveal their intentions after I guess at them, and they always seem so "pure". Not pure, in that they would not kill someone if necessary, but pure, in that they always follow their hearts and feelings. Maybe the child-Fi? Maybe it isn't all INTJs? I gotta say though, SP 1 (enneagram, obviously) INTJs seem to always first question themselves, than to question others first. It's refreshing, considering how the majority of people tend to try to alleviate their cognitive dissonance by blaming other people, or by telling themselves that people who make them feel bad/insecure are the actual bad guys... I think that some of them should have more (rightfully-deserved) confidence in themselves. (I swear, this is not a sarcastic post at all; I feel that I have to say that this isn't sarcastic, because people always say that INTJs are so arrogant, but I don't feel that it is really arrogant, if they actually say accurate things about themselves??)

  7. It think it stems down to INTJ’s moral compass and the personal responsibility to adhere to their beliefs. For those in the INTJ’s life, and I mean IN their life, they will hold them in high regard and out of the purest intentions care for them. This type is unmatched in their ability to make someone feel like the most special person in the whole world. Those in the inner circle of an INTJ will find a completely comfortable person in terms of caring and kindness, and they do this because they know how to make the most out of practicality and the mundane. I might add, and this does not apply to all INTJ’s, they won’t necessarily be a cinnamon bun to everyone, but they will have moral goodness to everyone. Their moral code is is very much individual but also extremely strict. They hold themselves to a higher standard, and take pride in their ability to remain objective and logical and this applies to how they treat their fellow man. But once you are chosen by an INTJ then you will begin to experience the intense focus of their heart and see just how deep this type can be in terms of caring.

  8. Well obviously an FN’s shoulders wouldn’t fit in the camera’s view sweaty

  9. We’re not talking culture or preference. It’s the science and art of music. But again, it’s a music nerd thing and obviously not everyone is understanding that. But it’s ok 👍🏼

  10. My dramatic bones just can’t handle my yin flesh on top of them. Everyday I’m strugglin😰

  11. Ok but one of the comments on Florence Pugh was that she “takes up space and plants like a tree” so she must be FN of course😭 the main sub is just brutal

  12. David: “Width will show in the line drawing as a line that is broader at the top. You’ll need more room in your clothes and won’t suit highly structured, tailored garments.”

  13. SN or SG, I think it’s hard to erase the stereotype of SN out of my mind which I think is skewing my perception of her because honestly I think she predominantly needs petite accommodations for the most part she has a very short vertical line imo and looks best in short and broken lines which points more towards SG.

  14. Well you’ve got good game in other words, so I don’t trust you.

  15. Ive only had one relationship of three years, thats how much game I have, flirting with people on the other side of the world is just a hobby

  16. 100% INTJ. I retest every so often and it’s consistent. I also don’t ever expect a different result because finally I am a healthy INTJ and in that mindset I’m very comfortable with who I am

  17. A handy hotel manager with close knit friends in the fashion industry who can get you in any store even tho you're not wearing the proper attire is a Kibbe must have! 💅

  18. I’m an SD and I especially love Thierry Mugler’s Alien and Alien Goddess, but I also love Gucci Bloom and Miss Dior. Generally warmer and deeper tones (but not too musky). I think romantic/ingenue types would wear the lighter, sweeter scents, and maybe citrus-y ones for the more gamine looks.

  19. INTJ - your hyper focus on being right makes you seem insanely insecure

  20. SD: I see upper curve honestly, her bust is pushing the fabric out and interrupting the line a bit, not extremely so, but enough to note.

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