1. Imma be nice and say that I like her hair and I think the almost mullet suits Nick

  2. Agreed, and the silvery aspect ages her. Officially still beautiful

  3. I called it! Brittany and Andrew is a possible relationship IMO. She posted some stories about their relationship on the show which I thought was interesting. Adding on how she didn't follow Casey and still followed Andrew even after Casey's podcast.

  4. I think they'd be a good match and I was disappointed they didn't last through split week

  5. She looks like she's trying not to laugh at him, this is weird

  6. Victoria says these words of affirmation with no feeling

  7. "She's a maneater, make you work hard Make you spend hard, make you want all of her love"

  8. Do you think Tyler really likes her? Something just isn't quite clicking for me

  9. I'm not a fan of Gen, but Aaron is so much worse to me.

  10. Not feeling it from Tyler and Brittany. It's the beach, but seems soooo casual

  11. Love the colour of Serene's dress, but the cups of the top look too small

  12. If Zach picks Charity, I'm getting a tattoo of Jesse Palmer on my ass and naming my firstborn "Fleiss"

  13. I was surprised SK’s sister liked the dress so much. Raven looks amazing in it but with their other views I thought his family would want something more modest.

  14. The woman at dress shopping was Raven's friend, wasn't it? Not SK's sister

  15. I'm ready for Justin to come and cause a bit of chaos. I'm bored

  16. Charity is a black Queen so you already know who I’m rooting for

  17. Wasn't another 1-on-1 spoiled that was also a black queen? LFG!

  18. It really bothered me that when the three of them were standing together, Cole was only addressing/looking at/facing Bartise in the conversation. He completely ignored SK to the point where SK just left the convo at one point. I'm really sensitive to people not including me in group convos so it got to me.

  19. Were the new girls, like, afraid of Lace? 'Cause they protectively snatched Eliza with a quickness

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