1. Because there will always be serviceable backs in the later rounds or even UDFA

  2. Grabbed one sampler. Just wanna say I love you guys. Almost always purchase from your guys these days, love the regular deals you offer and the fast shipping.

  3. One of my faves, always have some rested in the collection

  4. If you really want a cheap, sweet sipper, EW BiB is the way to go. It's good as a mixer but can hold its own sipped. Higher prices but a very good dessert pour, Angel's envy Rye. Priced above that EW BiB, the usual suspects seen in other comments here, makers wood finishing series, Woodford double oaked, rare breed, any OGD, four roses small batch and single barrel. If you have any harder to get stuff in area for non secondary prices (almost impossible depending on where you live), blue run, four roses SBBS, BT, John J Bowman, willet, maple hill, High West Bourye, and so many more

  5. Someone gave me a bottle of Peanut Butter Bourbon. I can’t even imagine who would drink such a thing. Maybe on some ice cream or something. So sweet. Awful.

  6. I've had that one and a cookie butter one (or something of that nature) at friends houses who don't drink real bourbon or scotch. Both are absolutely awful on their own but I can definitely see them in baked goods, on pie, turned into a sauce with butter, over ice cream, etc. Mixers for sure

  7. Haven't seen this one in a long time. Still top tier

  8. I don't even know who this nor do I care about his useless idea

  9. Top pairing, love the Bundaberg, it's my preferred ginger beer

  10. Well with everything you wrote does my question deserve to be downvoted so much?

  11. Or…they know how badly he wants to play and they’re expressing that publicly?

  12. Do you not know? He was groomed to make it to the NFL. His dad forced him to throw left handed as that was seen as a trait that would distinguish him to help him get to the NFL

  13. That’s why I included the last line of “he doesn’t get to the NFL without wanting it” because I knew this comment was coming.

  14. A lot of players in the NFL don't give two shits about playing but are just in it for the money

  15. It's not about being paid it's about them wanting to be a full OC, instead of a passing game coordinator for example, so that they have control and can call plays

  16. He’s 18, not 8. I’m sure he’s already aware of all the patronising crap you’ve just lectured to him.

  17. Looks like bait/troll to me, kids asking about entry level watches, which he thinks are sub 10k

  18. I've moved from 5 to 4, he could complete fuck it up this off-season/draft so we'll see if he has a roadmap planned or not to continue building the roster

  19. I just want him traded to the NY Jets for the memes. Is that too much to ask?

  20. As is tradition, just be happy we aren't trotting out those god awful mustard color rush jerseys anymore

  21. His ability to not false start/false start every play warrants being paid.

  22. Hey everyone cleaning up the collection some. I bought two of these and decided to keep the Super White version.

  23. Interested as I wasn't able to get in on the original run of these and missed out. Is your price firm? I have zero transaction history on Reddit but have been lurking in this sub for a bit now. If there's anything I can do to help my credibility, so you'll consider me as a potential buyer then lmk!

  24. Just like the divisional against the Steelers in 17

  25. Just want to say I have one of these, passed down from my grandpa who got it back in the day. The NOS is crazy to see here, since the gold has developed a nice patina over time on mine. It's an extremely comfortable and lightweight piece, it's my go to dress watch.

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