Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2 - Episode 78 discussion

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  1. I have been wondering this as well. Upvote OP!

  2. Damn I can’t even find time to get atomic camo lol

  3. Congrats OP. You playing on KBM or controller? I just switched to controller and struggling atm lol.

  4. I thought it’s better to run oni over damage for nightmare?

  5. Mind sharing the skills you are running as well for each ghost?

  6. Nah chief i could agree with AOT but take DS off that, it's good but never will be the goat

  7. Strictly speaking animation and story pace wise for anime 🙂

  8. Caudabe, had it on my iPhone XS Max since day 1 and still looks new.

  9. Platinum is ki 105 and Nightmare is ki 115. So the spawns are the same but the enemies are weaker.

  10. What’s the issue with aim assist? I play on both PC and PS5, haven’t noticed anything.

  11. Settings. Saved data ps5. Sync saved data. Disable. You can even disable it per game. Once you have that disabled from the main menu you can hit the options button on your controller and there will be an upload download save data option

  12. Google ehicplay or something he made a video on how to do it on ps5.

  13. There is a discord link to this sub Reddit and when I click it says the link expired. I initially tried to join when I first created an account and it denied me cause the account was less than 24 hrs old. Probably messed something up.

  14. Damn is it me or that camo isn’t that great lol. Congrats on the grind but I’m contemplating if I should even go for it this year.

  15. It looks like an assortment of 1940 fruit by the foot wrapped around a gun with the plastic still on it

  16. This lol. Exactly haha. I kinda like the dark aether better. Waiting for a round based zombies map to play it.

  17. How come I somy see this episode on Crunchyroll yet?

  18. Side question, when I ult with Samurai he would ult away from the crowd after 2 strikes (running 5). Am I able to control which target he goes to next?

  19. I tried practicing MMC but very difficult to pull off. Gave up on it and went with water stance lol.

  20. How do you like the stone katana over water? Any tips on getting the perfect roll?

  21. I use stone katana because stone master is the fastest “heavy attack” and that works pretty well with raging flame. Also idk how to MMC and the stone katana has the 2nd best DPS I think (?). As far as the perfect roll, the best advice is to NOT reroll 120ki gear with 2 perks because you’re gonna kill the chances of getting the right combo of stats that you want. Other than that, just luck lol

  22. Thanks, I’m going to give it a shot and let you know.

  23. Samurai - Still fire Sam. But now with smoke for survival. Bottle/Caltrops for rivals. Enjo's Remorse for speedruns. Stealth Charm for Solo/Hwacha Weeks/Playing with Randoms

  24. Mind elaborating on the samurai? I started playing a few weeks ago, trying to play solo nightmare and rivals to get better any advice?

  25. I struggle in combat even though I finally got to 110 ki. The bigger oni gold or nightmare is a struggle. I’d dodge their initially attack and melee them to only be attacked again very quickly by another enemy or same oni. I feel like I also don’t melt any particular enemy still takes multiple hits with the water sword. Any tips?

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