1. It really depends honestly. I work in pension and one thing I see a lot is that people automatically think all DB Pensions are good. Some are awesome indeed, but some are poor. It's not automatic that it is a good plan.

  2. Yes big difference. Defined benefit is the gold standard pension where you are guaranteed a certain amount of indexed income. For defined contribution your pension earning is dependent on how your investments did in the market - the employer is absolved of any responsibility to guarantee a certain level of earnings during retirement.

  3. DB is not necessarily the gold standard. I work in pension and it is all dependent on what the formula is vs. Employee contributions, how well funded the pension is, how financially stable the employer is and what the indexing is (if any)

  4. Ahh, sounds like it. I didn't realize there were different types. Thank you.

  5. Yeah they are often referred to as wellness spending account where you can claim sports equipment (taxable)

  6. My partner's company allows them to use the money in the HSA for anything that helps them be healthy (emotionally or physically). This includes sports equipment, bikes, gym memberships, etc. They had a bunch in theirs and we used it for camping equipment and to top up coverage on some massages.

  7. I work in HR (benefits) and we have HSA accounts. It has to be considered an eligible medical expense according to the income tax act to be eligible for the HSA

  8. CIBC does the most as a percentage of their total loan portfolio. 54% of all loans when I checked a few months ago

  9. Yes, LIRA is better then leaving in the plan as you can chose your investments (preferably low cost ETFs) and have lower fees and potentially better growth over the decades.

  10. The $5k is part of his emergency fund... So he's not going to be using it for "anything he wants"... Your question is odd... And wrongly implies it's locked away

  11. And get zero interest on it. There’s a reason they waive the fee if you put it there …

  12. Personally, I get much more value than 3-4% of $5k from my ultimate account with Scotiabank. So it is well worth it for me. I also do need to use the branch often, a lot of people do too.

  13. That’s fair. I changed 4 years ago and never looked back. Never need to go in person so I’m saving the money and putting it in a hisa

  14. This question is incomplete. Although as a general rule it’s always a good idea to supplement that

  15. For me, the fact that he follows no one on twitter is the reason it’s just noise for me. How big of an ego do you need to have to not follow one single person

  16. If you buy, just remember the first little while you'll be buying a ton of things you didn't need as a renter that add up quick.

  17. Yep, there’s always a bunch of little things you’ll need when you get your first home

  18. The banks aren’t interested in foreclosures so they are likely attempting to mitigate their risk. Fixed rates ensure a steady payment for the homeowner.

  19. All five rate increases where predicted spot on. Not sure where you are getting your info.

  20. Lol, yeah a few weeks before. Anyone with a pulse could have predicted that

  21. If you are investing outside an RRSP keep in mind that investment income will be taxable, so it needs to return a fair bit higher than your mortgage to make more sense.

  22. We need a National Housing Trust, remove it from the free market as it is.

  23. At the very least either have a flat fee system or cap realtor fees

  24. MTM really shouldn't be used as they don't factor in the effects the cyclical fluctuations. Even YTY has its flaws, they should be comparing it to an multi year average for the month

  25. Yep, month over month doesn’t mean much because the sample size is so small

  26. Happy for him. Hopefully he becomes a full time major leaguer next year

  27. Social media makes it easy for people to be dicks. This guy would never have the balls to say that to kirks face

  28. OP, question for you. When do you start buying if you’re this bearish ?

  29. Personally I would dca. Lump sum tends to fare a little better but can be tough psychologically if the markers have a sharp decline after. Could lead some to panic and sell

  30. VFV is a fine approach. I personally would divide it into instalments and do a DCA approach to average out your cost

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